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Star Fleet Battles is the flagship of the Star Fleet Universe, and is a detailed tactical-level game of ship to ship combat in the 23rd century. When playing Star Fleet Battles, YOU take command of a starship or fleet of the Federation, the Klingon Empire, or the Romulan Star over a dozen other races, each with their own unique style of combat, starships, weapons, technology, and culture.

The first edition came out in 1978 as a mini-game in a ziploc bag.  Since then SFB has survived and expanded.

The Star Fleet Battles game system is based on four principles:

* The Ship System Display, graphically presenting all of the systems on your starship.
* Energy Allocation: Every turn, count your energy and spend it wisely. There is never enough.
* Proportional Movement: all starships are in continuous and simultaneous maneuver.
* Damage Allocation: Penetrate enemy shields, and damage is distributed throughout his ship.

In 2005 ADB is released a new game, Federation Commander, which is simpler and will allow for quicker games or more ships per player.

In 2009, ADB worked with the creators of Starmada to make a version of that game in the Star Fleet universe called Klingon Armada.

In 2011, ADB signed an agreement with Mongoose Publishing to create A Call to Arms Star Fleet and to create new computer generated miniatures.

Approved decals for Star Fleet Battles ship minis are available from Starfighter Decals and Pomroy Productions.


8/12/2012 - Captain's Log #45: Race to Confrontation is now available.  It includes new fiction (Race to Confrontation, four warlike captains meet in peacetime expecting the worst; a Klingon detective cracks the biggest case of her career), Background (how Kzinti society works, Seltorian class history, Orion Fleet, LDR diplomacy), new ships (Q-ships and Neo-Tholians for Star Fleet Battles, four war cruiser scouts for Federation Commander, six new ships for Starmada, scouts for A Call to Arms: Star Fleet), new scenarios (five for SFB, two FC, one for Starmada), news (awards, Q&A, Input Guide, Why?, Proposals Board, Background Questions), tactics (Battle Group Commander and Command Notes for FC, Tactical Notes for F&E, Term Papers and Master Victory for SFB, Call-Out notes and special action tactics for ACTA, Conquest Notes for Galactic Conquest), rules updates (Mullakee monster, Ask Admiral Vanaxilth for SFB, Borak Update; Q&A F&E), playtest rules (six new cards for Star Fleet Battle Force, two rules for Marines, scouts for ACTASF), and lots more!

Also available is Module T: Tournament Wars 2012. Module T-2012 is the replacement for Module T-2000 first released in 2000. The new version has an 86-page rulebook that also has information for conducting a tournament for any games currently in the Star Fleet Universe, including Star Fleet Battles, Federation Commander, Federation & Empire, Star Fleet Battle Force, A Call To Arms: Star Fleet, and Starmada. It also has a 28-page SSD book including the 18 authorized and 10 experimental tournament ship SSDs, including the Borak and Peladine tournament ships. Also included are the Star Fleet Battles tournament countersheet, an ammunition countersheet and a standard 4230 Star Fleet Battles map.


2/5/2012 - Captain's Log #43: A Measure of Fear and Captain's Log #44: A Call to Arms have been released.  Also now available are:

Module R107 The Nicozian Concordance, playtest module presents all the rules for the Nicozians, a species which lives on a neutron star that is about to go nova and has dispatched exploration ships to search for a new home

Module E3: The Borak Star League playtest prototype. The Borak Star League existed beyond Hydran space and was conquered by the Hydrans in the Early Years.

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet is now available along with the first of the Starline 2500 series of ship miniatures.


6/18/2011 - ADB has signed a new joint-venture deal with Mongoose Publishing to create A Call to Arms: Star Fleet.  This is Mongoose's well-known space combat game, designed for massive battles with dozens of miniature starships. The new joint-venture deal provides for the production of a series of  hardback rulebooks that will bring together the ships of the Star Fleet Universe and the game system of A Call to Arms. There is an even chance that the first book will appear before the end of 2011.

STARLINE 2500 - Every existing Starline 2400 ship miniatures will be replaced with a new computer-generated design. (We call this Starline 2500, but they plan to market it under another brand yet to be selected.) The first ships will appear in late 2011, and ships will then follow every month or two. This will include some entirely new ships as we move forward. Ships will have a lot more detail and many known problems with existing designs will be solved by Mongoose's model designers.

These new production ships will be fancier and a little bigger (in 1:3125 scale) and made from resin by Mongoose. Everyone who has an extensive collection of Starline 2400s can keep it, or perhaps slowly replace it with new designs.  The 2400 line will convert to "mail order only" and be kept available as long as market demand exists. Mongoose will convert all of the Federation Commander Squadron Boxes and Border Boxes to the new Starline 2500 range of ships, and will launch new $99.99 Fleet Boxes. (The first boxes to appear will be Squadron Box #1 Federation, Squadron Box #2 Klingons, and Squadron Box #9 Romulans.) The new A Call to Arms: Star Fleet books will be keyed to use the same Squadron Boxes that Federation Commander and Star Fleet Starmada already use. This will be good for retailers, who can stock one line of miniatures for three different game systems.

Captain's Log #43 ships June 22nd.  It includes the usual mix of fiction, new rules, new scenarios, and new ships for all SFU games.

Module C3A Andromedan Threat Files is now available and covers what the powers thought and predicted the Andromedans were and could do when they had only limited information.


2/27/2011 - ADB has also made available certain items as pdf files available through  Here is your chance to get an electronic version of the Star Fleet Battles Master Rulebook or Captain's Log supplements.

Now available in printed format is Module Y3 - Early Years III which includes early battleships for the Federation, Kzintis, and Gorns, warp-refitted command cruisers for the rest of the Federation member states before the unified star fleet was formed, warp-driven dreadnoughts for the five member species of the Inter-Stellar Concordium before they coalesced into one nation and five scenarios as well as the ship descriptions and annexes.  

Also released was Captain's Log #42 which includes Five new scenarios, Ice Monster, Campaigns Update, Simulator Empires in the Early Years (with four new SSDs), two light battleships, two Vudar dreadnoughts, and much more.

On the 2011 schedule we have:

March - Star Fleet Battles Module C3A: Andromedan Threat File: This will be a book (no counters are needed) containing rules and ships. The basic idea is that Star Fleet Intelligence made a lot of guesses about the Andromedans and all of the "wrong, but fun to play" guesses are included here.

May - Captain's Log #43

June - Star Fleet Battles Module E3: Borak Star League: This "E-module" was done by one of our fans and describes a new empire (beyond the Lyrans and Hydrans). The Borak were wiped out before they could become a threat, but what a threat they would have been!


8/14/2010 - More new minis coming out August 30th.  

The Tholian TK5 is a conversion of a captured Klingon F5 frigate.

The Federation Old Heavy Cruiser (Old CA) was the design used before the better known Constellation appeared.

Tholian TK5

Federation OCA

Federation Light Tactical Transport


8/1/2010 - Miniatures for the Vuldar fleet are now available.  

Pictured to the right are top row; DN, CW, Fed OCA (coming soon)

Bottom row; CA, DW and FF.


6/27/2010 - Now available are Captain's Log #41 and Module R12 - Unusual Ships.

Key features of CL#41 include the Frax Submarines and three new scenarios for Federation Commander, the Juggernaut War Fleet and six new scenarios for Star Fleet Battles, new playtest cards for Star Fleet Battle Force, new ships for Star Fleet Armada, plus a lot more!

R12 includes a hundred new starships for SFB, but not just any starships. Unusual variants, outrageous designs, prototypes, failed experiments, and the runners-up in design competitions.

Heavy war cruisers: if they were good, why were so few built?  Stellar fortresses: the final bastions of the General War.  Battle frigates: getting something useful out of a small ship.  Space patrol ships: two gunboat flotillas, no fighters.  Seltorian battlewagons: how the Tholian spheres were destroyed.
Fleet oilers: small boring ships, but without fuel, nothing moves.  And dozens more of the strangest and most curious ships ever seen. Includes 140 counters, 97 SSDs, ship descriptions, and scenarios.


5/31/2010 - Several new miniatures have been released in the last few months: Juggernaut (all metal, prior ones have been resin), Federation Scout and Fast Destroyer, Federation DDG and DDL, Andromedan Terminator, ISC Battleship, Klingon B9 Fast Battleship, Hydran Pegasus.


Federation Fast Destroyer and Scout

Federation DDG and DDL

Andromedan Terminator

ISC Battleship

Klingon B9 Fast Battleship

Hydran Pegasus


11/21/2009 - Captain's Log #40 is now available.  In this issue, The Federation GSVX survey ship has encountered the first known Space Manta, a dangerous monster. Unable to find any way to destroy the ship, the captain must expend the lives of his pilots to gain as much information as he can before the Space Manta destroys his ship.  SFB content includes Six new scenarios, Romulan variants of the F5W, Tholian heavy police units, Anarchist part 20, WYN LTT, Old M81 Galaxy pirates, Starswarm, S8 update, Victory at Origins, Term Papers, Triaxian Primer, Growler, and much more.  CL#40 Supplemental is also available directly from ADB and includes 32 pages of added material for Captain's Log #40.  Supplemental files are also available for CL#38 and CL#39.

Also available are 2 new squadron boxes of Hyran and Lyran miniatures, Border Box #9 and the new F5W miniature.


10/1/2009 - The latest releases from ADB for Star Fleet Battles include Module G3A: Supplementary Annexes, miniatures for drones, plasma torpedoes (types F, S, and R), and  for release on Oct 19th, fighters - Federation F-18, Klingon Z-Y, Tholian Spider, Hydran Stinger, Romulan Gladiator-D and F, Kzinti TAAS, and the classic shuttlecraft.

Drone, plasma type-F, type-S, type-R

Federation F-18 fighter

Klingon Z-Y fighter

Kzinti TAAS fighter



6/30/2009 - Captain's Log #39 is now available.  The issue begins with a major fiction story (Burden of Duty, Debt of Revenge) about a old Federation CA which catches a Klingon DX raiding behind the lines.  Star Fleet Battles fans get ten scenarios, six new ships, the Energy Monster, Sniper Squads, Ask Admiral Growler, Kzinti vs Romulan Anarchist ships, the Truth about Federation fighters (most of which did NOT have gatlings), a campaign update for the Early Years, Battlegroup Sector Patrol, a Branthdon Primer, Victory at Five Nations, and Term Papers.


4/24/2009 - Now available is Module G3: Master Annexes:

The all-new updated Master Annex file. Includes all of the annexes from the Alpha Octant (except the rarely used and very large #5) plus much more. Master Ship Chart, Master PF Chart, Master Fighter Chart (including mega-fighters), Master Weapons Chart. Compilation of all game charts and tables. All updated through the most recent products and updates with all corrections, additional data, and new features.

In addition, the Orion Dreadnought miniature is also available.

2/22/2009 - For the first time, the Galactic Conquest campaign rules are available as a printed product:

"Galactic Conquest began as a project by a group of SFB staffers to produce a campaign environment for the Star Fleet Universe. It grew into multiple universes with hundreds of active players. GC includes exploration, diplomacy, conquest, economics, production, technology development — and, well, everything! Over 20 years later, the longest-running SFU campaign engine has undergone a major update into the new Fourth Edition. Players are already organizing new universes to explore and conquer using the new Fourth Edition rules for Galactic Conquest

The earlier rulebooks for Galactic Conquest were never available in print (only as PDFs), but the campaign operators decided to make a print edition available for collectors and for those who want to operate their own local campaigns. This is not a “normal” product, and we recommend it for special order status, not regular stock. It has a black & white cover and is not really intended for retail stores."

2009 Product Schedule:

Orion Dreadnought Miniature
SFB Module G3: Master Annexes

SFB Module G3A More Annexes

Captain's Log #39
One of the SFB books (C3A, C4X, C4R, CVG, R99)

Star Fleet Battles Module to be announced 
More Starline minis (to be announced)

More Starline minis (to be announced)

Silent Star Fleet 
Klingon Armada 
Leanna’s Fighting Starships: Volume I, Volume II 
Star Fleet Battlestations


12/17/2008 - ADB Star Fleet Battles release schedule for 2009:
January 26th: Star Fleet Battles Module G3 - Master Annex, Orion Dreadnought miniature
May: Captain's Log #39
Also in 2009 (provisional): Federation & Empire: ISC War; Star Fleet Battles: Stellar Shadows #3, Module R12, two more books; New Game Systems: Klingon Armada, Romulan Armada, Silent Star Fleet.
And more: Leanna's Fighting Starships Volume I, Star Fleet Assault.

12/2/2008 - Now available for SFB, Module Y2: Early Years II:

Return to the Early Years, when the ISC had not been formed, the Feds and Gorns had never met, and the Carnivons and Paravians were still with us!  120-page SSD book, 100-page rulebook, 216 die cut counters. Complete Kzinti Usurper War campaign. Hydran hellgun-armed dreadnoughts.  Complete ISC early history, including their five separate planets, each with their own unique ships and weapons (plasma blaster, plasma cannon, plasma-missile, plasma-V torpedo, plasma Vortex).

Captain's Log #38

Class history of Lyran heavy cruisers, Myths of the Organians, Developmental history of heavy plasma superiority fighters. Tournament reports. After Action. Command the Future. Input Guide. Starline 2400. Six new SFB Scenarios. Background questions. Arastoz. Prime Teams. Growler. Brothers of the Anarchist. Romulan Early Bases. X-ships Update. Using labs in combat. Tactics: Stop the Juggernaut. Iridani primer. Term Papers. New ships: Fed DVA, BCP, OCA. Hydran Templar. Armed Recovery Transport. Early Romulan Bases, fighters, and bombers. Early and sublight Skiffs.

And new miniatures for the Orion Double Raider, Orion Slaver, Hydran Gendarme Police Ship, and Commercial Platform (common space station).

Orion Double Raider

Orion Slaver

Hydran Gendarme Police Ship

Commercial Platform


8/6/2008 - The Fall schedule for Star Fleet Battles products is:

Shipping October 20, 2008
- Star Fleet Battles Module Y2: Early Years II
Shipping November 17, 2008
- Captain's Log #38


7/7/2008 - Captain's Log #37 is now available, it includes Fiction: Magnificent Panzers, Hit & Run, History of the WYN Navy, SFB: 11 new ships (WYN conversions, heavy Lyrans, Klingon SD7), six scenarios, Death Probe, Anarchist (Fed Vs Gorn), Growler, Omega Gunboats, Tactics, Term papers and more.

Also released is Module X1R: X-Ship Reinforcements that includes 92 New X-Ships and 7 new X-Bases, Five new X-ship scenarios, Partial X-Refits, New X-Weapons (particle cannon, web breaker), and 216 die-cut counters.

New miniatures released are the Monitor, Death Probe, Space Boar, Hydran Overlord Heavy Battlecruiserm and the Lyran NCA.


5/15/2008 - Module Omega 5: Flotillas is now available for order.  

"The dangerously unstable Omega sector was nearly destroyed by the Andromedans and Souldra, but survived only by deploying gunboat flotillas, small attack craft that the Alpha Sector called Fast Patrol Ships. But now, as the Andromedan-Souldra threat recedes, the Omega Empires strive to reassert their claim on territory lost to the now-defeated invaders, resulting in the most savage battles Omega has ever seen, as the new gunboats tear the old-line heavy cruisers and dreadnoughts to pieces."

Recent miniatures releases include the Klingon C5 Light Dreadnought, Romulan Shrike Light DN, Kzinti Light DN, Gorn Light DN, Neo-Tholian Heavy DN, Hydran Liege Light DN, Lyran Light DN, and the Federation Express Fast Courier.


3/5/2008  - Steve Cole has announced on the ADB forums that they have almost completed deals for 3 existing game systems to release versions in ADB's version of the Star Fleet Universe.  Each product will be designed by the games original designers but will be published by ADB.

A Silent Death product will be designed by Iron Crown and allow fighter combat in the SFU.

A Starmada product will be designed by Majestic 12 and is tentatively called Klingon Armada with more supplements possible in the future.

VBAM Games will also be designing a supplement for their Victory By Any Means campaign systems set in the Star Fleet Universe primarily based on Federation Commander.


1/17/2008 - Now available to retailers and shipping mail order on the 21st is Captain's Log #36SFB content includes Five new scenarios, 14 new ships, Victory at Origins, 8 new Term Papers, Igneous monster, Q&A, Fog of War 5 After Action Report, Campaign Update, Brothers of the Anarchist.

Also being released are new miniatures for the battleships of the Romulan, Kzinti, Gorn, Neo-Tholian, and Seltorian fleets.  

Gorn Battleship Godzilla

Kzinti Battleship Supercat

Romulan Battleship King Condor

Neo-Tholian Battleship Warhammer

Seltorian Battleship Battlewagon

Hydran Mowhawk NCA

Seltorian DNL & NCA

Seltorian Heavy Cruiser


6/26/2007 - Shipping on July 2nd for an Origins release is Module R11 - Support Ships.  It includes a 64 page rulebook, 96 page starship book and 108 colorful die-cut playing pieces for over 100 new units for SFB.  Recent miniatures include the Hydran Mohawk and a squadron of 3 different WYN fish ships.


5/28/2007 - Captain's Log #35 is now available.  120 pages of content in 9 point type for Star Fleet Battles and Federation Commander.  You can now get Captain's logs in a large print (10 point type) edition for $2 more, bound or loose, punched or unpunched, plus another option to get and extra set of the SSDs and Shipyard report as loose pages for another $2.00.

Just announced as their Origins product for July is Module R11: Support Ships:  

Star Fleet Battles Module R11: Support Ships includes: Division Control Ships (cruisers with a full squadron of fighters and a flotilla of gunboats), Patrol Tenders (war destroyers with three gunboats), fast light cruisers (for lightning raids behind enemy lines), heavy auxiliary carriers, construction docks, new skids & ducktails to modify freighters, new Federation carriers for A20 heavy photon fighters, Klingon AD5W heavy escort cruiser, Romulan Screech Owl, Tholian Heavy Web Tenders, Orion Prime Traitor, Lyran heavy cruisers, Andromedan construction station, and six scenarios.


4/10/2007 - Omega Master Rule Book due out on April 16th.

Stock #5660. Retail $39.95
Pages: 320 (maybe more!)
Size: 8.5 x 11 inches (about 21.5 x 28cm)
Format: Bagged, Loose Leaf, B&W Cover

Contents: Every rule, chart, scenario, ship description, from all four Omega Modules PLUS extensive Omega tactics section. PLUS updated Sequence of Play listing, including the entire Alpha Sector, the Simulators, and the Magellanic Cloud. PLUS completely updated Annex #7E, Damage Conversion Chart. PLUS all ship descriptions and scenarios for the Omega Sector that were published in Captain’s Log. PLUS the “lost” history section originally written for Module Omega Four.

THE RE-LAUNCH OF OMEGA: The long-neglected Omega Sector will be re-launched with this product. All future sales of Omega Modules #1 thorugh #4 will include these updated rules.  We have three new Omega Modules in development, to release one per year in 2007 (October), 2008, and 2009.


1/24/2007 - Captain's Log #34 is now available.  For SFB it includes four new scenarios, 14 new ships, victory at origins, more tactics articles, Carrier campaing update, Mind Monster Update, Term Papers, Growler, Anarchist Magellanics, and more.


10/6/2006 - Here is the current release schedule from ADB for Star Fleet Battles items:

* Captain’s Log #34, SKU 5734, $18.95

* Starline 2400, Orion War Destroyer + Double Raider, SKU 0818, $14.95
* Starline 2400, Seltorian Fleet Box, SKU 1500, $39.95

* Captain’s Log #35, SKU 5735, $18.95

SCHEDULED FOR JUNE 07 (Origins Releases)
* Star Fleet Battles Master Starship Book (tentative)


9/18/2006 - Several new miniatures have been released or will soon be released: Armed Priority Transport, Large & Small Auxillary ships, Ore Carrier, Federation CC, Federation CC saucer, Federation CS, Federation CVF, Orion OK6, Orion DW, WYN Shark.  The Fed CC saucer came from a computer 3D model and includes the grid lines.  It is used on the Command Cruiser and Strike Cruiser minis but is available separately if gamers want to use it with minis they have previously purchased. 

Armed Priority Transport

Large & Small Auxillary Ships

Large Ore Carrier (Heavy Freighter)

Federation Command Cruiser

Federation Command Cruiser saucer

Federation Strike Cruiser

Federation Fast Carrier (CVF)

Orion OK6

Orion War Destroyer

WYN Shark Heavy Cruiser


7/11/2006 - Now available is Captain's Log #33 which includes all the the usual features and new material but also includes the return of the Juggernaut!.


New SFB miniatures June 20066/12/2006 - New miniatures are now available: (top row) Kzinti NCA, Moray Eel of Space, Tholian DD, Tholian NCL, Klingon D5W, (bottom row) Planet Killer, Federation CVS.  Captain's Log #33 is available for preorder.


5/6/2006 - Now available is the long awaited Module C5: The Megellanic Cloud.  The Magellanic Cloud has been mentioned in SFB for 20 years; it was the island galaxy that the Andromedan Invaders captured before they moved on to our Milky Way. This product includes five new races, a dozen new weapons and systems, and a host of scenarios reflecting their own wars before the Andromedans used them for a speed bump.  Module C5 includes 96-page rulebook, 216 die-cut counters, and 96-page SSD book.


2/13/2006 - ADB has released Captain's Log #32, their series of supplements detailing the history, tactics and communications of the Star Fleet Universe.

CL #32 has a lot of information about Federation Commander but for players of Star Fleet Battles, there's a wide variety of tactics articles, from the Drex Primer to the Victory at Origins article by Fleet Captain Ken Lin.

Here is the latest schedule of SFB products and miniatures:

* Deluxe Space Battle Maps, SKU 5310, $29.95; a complete 22x34 eight-panel space battle map set, mounted on 80-point board (about like a Monopoly board but in separate pieces so you can arrange the battle like you want and leapfrog unused panels in front of moving ships), printed with full-color space views (Hubble Telescope) on both sides (1.25" hexes on one side, 0.625" on the other side).
* Federation DNG Dreadnought, Starline 2400 pewter scale miniature

* FEDERATION COMMANDER: BORDER BOX #1 - Miniatures designed to match ship diagrams in Federation Commander: Klingon Border. 

* FEDERATION COMMANDER: SQUADRON BOX #4 - This box includes pewter miniatures of the Federation, Orion, and Tholian ships from Federation Commander: Klingon Attack
* FEDERATION COMMANDER: SQUADRON BOX #5 - This box includes pewter miniatures of the Klingon ships from Federation Commander: Klingon Attack

* FEDERATION COMMANDER: SQUADRON BOX #6 - This box includes pewter miniatures of the Kzinti ships from Federation Commander: Klingon Attack

* Star Fleet Battles Module C5 The Magellanic Cloud - The Magellanic Cloud has been mentioned in SFB for 20 years; it was the island galaxy that the Andromedan Invaders captured before they moved on to our Milky Way. This product includes five new races, a dozen new weapons and systems, and a host of scenarios reflecting their own wars before the Andromedans used them for a speed bump.
* FEDERATION COMMANDER: SQUADRON BOX #0 - This box includes pewter miniatures of the Romulan, Gorn, Hydran, Lyran, WYN, and ISC ships from Federation Commander: Booster #0

MAY 2006
* CAPTAIN'S LOG #33, SKU 5733, $18.95.
* FEDERATION COMMANDER: BORDER BOX #2 - This box includes 24 pewter starships designed to work with Federation Border: Klingon Attack.
* Neo-Tholian NCL and Tholian Destroyer miniatures
* Klingon D5W Heavy War Cruiser miniature
* Kzinti NCA New Heavy Cruiser miniature

JUNE-JULY 2006 (Release At Origins)
* Star Fleet Battles Master Starship Book

JULY 2006
* FEDERATION COMMANDER: SQUADRON BOX #7 - This box includes pewter miniatures of the Federation ships from Federation Commander: Romulan Border
* FEDERATION COMMANDER: SQUADRON BOX #8 - This box includes pewter miniatures of the Romulan ships from Federation Commander: Romulan Border
* FEDERATION COMMANDER: SQUADRON BOX #9 - This box includes pewter miniatures of the Gorn ships from Federation Commander: Romulan Border

* FEDERATION COMMANDER: BORDER BOX #3 - This treasure chest of pewter includes twenty-four precision-scale miniatures designed to complete the set of ships in Federation Commander: Romulan Border.


7/21/2005 - Now on the ADB online store - Module F2: Vudar Enclave and miniatures of the Federation Heavy Cruiser (a pewter mini based on the plastic Zocchi version), Federation Fast Cruiser and Survey Cruiser, Mobile Base, Kzinti Heavy Battlecruiser, and 2 packs of cruiser miniatures which are perfect for tournament use; Cruiser Box #1 (The 'good guys' - Federation Cruiser, Kzinti Cruiser, Gorn Cruiser, Tholian Cruiser, Hydran Cruiser, the ISC Cruiser), and Cruiser Box #2 (The 'bad guys' - Klingon D7 Cruiser, Romulan FireHawk heavy cruiser, Romulan War Eagle, Orion Battle Raider, Lyran Cruiser, and Andromedan Conquistador).  The miniatures will ship on July 25th.

Federation Heavy Cruiser in pewter

New saucers for the Federation Survey Cruiser (left) and Fast Cruiser (right)

Kzinti Heavy Battlecruiser


6/17/2005 - Now available from ADB is Captain's Log #31.  


4/9/2005 - Now available to order from ADB and shipping on April 18th are an updated Module F1: Jindarians (This is the 2005 update of the original 1995 product with extra SSDs and several rules changes), the Convoy pack of the small and large freighters, the Starbase miniature (now only 2 pieces) and the Lyran Cave Lion Battleship.  Module G2: Master Annexes is also being released to the distributors so you can soon get it from you local store.

Lyran Cave Lion Battleship


Convoy pack of Large and Small Freighters


1/22/2005 - Now available from ADB is Module G2 - Master Annexes which compiles the annexes from all SFB products (except Omega, E1, and E2). This includes about 50 pages of annexes and about 80 pages of the new and expanded Master Ship Chart. G2 has a table of contents with page numbers and several new and expanded features. 

Also available is the Bases & Freighters Fleet box which includes the starbase (new two-piece design for easy assembly), base station, large freighter, small freighter, Federation police ship, and Free Trader.  These minis will not be available individually for a few months.


11/30/2004 - Initial shipments of Captain's Log #30 are now on their way to distributors and CL #30 can be ordered directly from ADB and will ship on December 6th.  CL #30 includes Two major fiction stories, development of the A6 attack shuttle, four scenarios, Battlegroup fights the DNL, Space amoeba rules, Anarchist (Gorn vs Lyran), Operation Unity Update, tactical primers, heavy battlecruisers for SFBF, new rules from Strategic Operations. All the usual features: tournament reports, after action, command the future, Ask Growler, Why, 10 questions, staff awards, input guide, tactical notes, term papers, etc.


11/15/2004 - The latest word on the SFB schedule from SVC:

2005 Schedule:
November (04): CL30
December (04): Bases & Freighters, G2
January: GPD4e and GK4e.
February: GURPS Romulans, Master Rulebook
March: Module F1 Jindarians
May: CL31
June: Big Origins Release (tm)
July: Possibly a second BOR(tm)
August: GURPS Federation
November: Captain's Log.

Having said that, let's talk about some of the other things that could happen....

1. Federation Commander. Right after CL30 goes to press I will work on the reports from the last test and get ready for the next test. By January we will decide if this is going into the April or June Slot.

2. Module C5: This cannot possibly be ready for the April slot but might be ready for the June or July slot, or at worst the September slot.

3. Module F2: June/July or September.

4. F&E products. The normal F&E month of Feb is full of GURPS stuff, and given that I'll spend all of Nov-Dec doing playtest packs for FC, C5, and F2, there isn't going to be an F&E product in Feb. It's possible we might do one in April, or June/July, or October. We might want to do the product in October and give them the Master Warbook at Origins. Or we might do the Master Warbook for April. Not sure.

5. If we decide that we really need a third major new SFB product for 2005 we could do SSJ3 or Best of SFT as a special captain's Log in September.

6. Miniatures: Once we have the Fed CA in pewter we'll release the two Tournament Cruiser boxes in April/May or May/June. We may well do Fed Fleet Box #3 at some point (which might or might not include the SCS, BB, FFB, HDW, CF, GSC, DNL, or others). That an a half-dozen single ship blisters will give us a nice year.

7. Battle Force Expansions. Lord knows I want to do these. If I get the playtest packs for C5, F2, FC, and the GURPS drafts done in December I'd really like to whip up and pass around playtest packs for the four expansions and then schedule them for September.

8. Master Ship Book for July is a goal of mine.

8/2/2004 - It was not mentioned before but Module R8: System Defense Command is now available and includes the ships that protect the home front; National Guard ships, auxiliary cruisers, sector bases, Hospital ships, luxury cruise liners, executive transports, The original Klingon light cruiser. Romulan police flagship. Tholian police cutter. Orion National Police. Andromedan gun sleds. The ISC early years ships (refitted for the General War)..

Module R9: The Ships That Never Were is now available for order from the ADB store and mail orders will ship on August 4th.  It includes ships from the archives of Star Fleet. Light X-dreadnoughts, heavy scout carriers, national guard PFTs, war cruisers converted into dreadnoughts, medium dreadnoughts, and much more!


6/19/2004 - Lots to catch up on here.  Captain's Log #29 is now available. 

A Silver Anniversary Master Rulebook can be ordered and will be available at Origins.  This huge Master Rulebook (over 400 pages) has all of the "rules" (no scenarios, annexes, or ship descriptions) from Basic Set, Advanced Missions, C1, C2, C3, J, J2, K, M, X, and Y1. All rules have been integrated into a single continuous text, all errata has been incorporated, and some new clarifications and examples have been added.  The price is $50 in either a wire bound version (pictured) or a loose leaf version (you can add pages and use your own binder).  

There are also plans for a Master Ship Manual that is a new "R section" for SFB, covering all products, with the ships in order. Each ship is to be illustrated and ship names to be listed. Any changes or contradictions to prior text would be resolved.

Miniatures, lots of new miniatures are available:

Battle Station

Cops & Robbers pack of the Civilian Free Trader. Orion Light Raider, Federation Police Cutter

Federation Battle Frigate

Lyran Frigate and Destroyer

Lyran War Cruiser and War Frigate

Lyran Saber Tooth Tiger Mauler (bottom view)

Lyran Light Cruiser and Battlecruiser

Gorn Heavy Battlecruiser (pre-production copies available at Orgins, August general release)

Andromedan Intruder (pre-production copies available at Orgins, July general release)

Federation Battleship (pre-production copies available at Orgins, September general release)

Hydran Monarch Battleship (pre-production copies available at Orgins, September general release)

Andromedan Dominator (pre-production copies available at Orgins, July general release)


4/9/2004 - Captain's Log #28, which is basically Stellar Shadow Journal #2 is at the printer an can be pre-ordered at the SFU Store.  It should ship to mail orders in late April or early May:

A special Stellar Shadows issue filled with things that can't happen but now you can enjoy them. Fiction (Klingons raid the lair of the Tholian Battleship; Star Fleet learns about unintended consequences; history of Fed DDs part 4); a scenario (Kzintikaze); FIFTY new ships: Paravians, Fed multi-engine refits, Klingon BC8, gunfighter frigates, Romulan heavy assault cruisers, Gorn base buster and destroyer- dreadnought, Tholian battleship; Hydran galleon; Lyran emergency conversions; WYN captured ships from several races (Tholian, Romulan, Gorn, Hydran, Seltorian, even Andromedan!), Seltorian penal ship. New rules and weapons: plasmatron, plasmas you can launch when cloaked, faster plasma, dial a torpedo; the Lyran fighter torpedo that was never fielded; Gorn waterdog modular bomber, fighter armor, warp gearshift. F&E: new rules, complete data for new ships, data from SSJ1; Cloudburst scenario. No limit Klingon Hold'em. The tribble launcher.


2/6/2004 - Here is an update on miniatures plans for SFB from Steve Cole on the SFB Discussion Board:

Lyran CW was "printed" today and will be "metalized" next week. We should be able to release it and the DD (and the fleet box) in late march as scheduled. Note that late march can be the first week of April.

Orions and Andros are set for June and July (origins). We have all but one of each, and people working on those two.

Other ships are at the casting house to be master molded. I sent more ships than will fit into the mold. What they will do is look at each ship, decide if it will "probably work", and put it into the master mold. Once the master mold is full, they'll "make the mold" and any other ships that didn't fit will get held and put into a second master mold in 3 weeks with the two Lyrans. The ships sent to the casting house include the following: Gorn BCH, Hydran Battleship, Fed FFB, Fed Police, Free Trader, the ISC tug with pods, the Battle Station, Klingon D7V, and the Orion BCH and LR (which are for the fleet box and probably will be in the second mold).

Other ships being worked on include the Orion BR, andro Dominator, Lyran STT (done and approved, but the engine broke off and has to be repaired), Fed battleship (sculptor making one minor change), Lyran CL and BC, Fed CF, Fed DNL, and Kzinti CVS.


11/15/2003 - The Federation Space Control Ship (USS George Washington class) and the rest of the classic 'Eagle' line of Romulan miniatures, the Hawk and War Eagle are now available resulting in the Romulan Fleet Box #2 also being available. Captain's Log #27 can also be pre-ordered.


10/4/2003 - Some updates on the status of minis and releases for 2004 from the SFB Discussion Board

Status of minis....
ROMULAN EAGLE BOX: Bruce got the master molds, but hasn't received the production molds. He's out of town. Perhaps the production molds will be ready when he gets back (in a week?) and we could have these in three weeks. Perhaps. This "batch" also includes the Fed SCS.
LYRAN CW AND DD: I have had a conversation with the model-builder who is revising his first efforts and I hope to see revised ones after that.
FUTURE: The Andros, Orions, and bases-freighters, all need to be done, and will be, next year, not sure what order.

Status of projects....
ROMULAN EAGLE BOX: Bruce got the master molds but not the production molds. Should have these ships in a couple or three of weeks.
CAPTAIN'S LOG #27: Desperately trying to get this ready for release on 1 Nov.
LYRAN MINIATURES: Desperately trying to get these ready for release 1 Nov.
STAR FLEET ACES: They say we'll have the matrixes Monday and can schedule production for January or February.
NEXT YEAR: Petrick is working on Magellanic Cloud for "sometime next year" but I don't know what the status is. (He keeps mumbling things like "Ken, you bastard, where is the chart?") There is a general plan to do "three SFB modules that have counters" next year. One of these will be released at Origins but whether the other two will be before or after Origins or one of each isn't known yet. It depends on how much time we spend on other products such as Star Fleet Aces and GURPS and maybe products never mentioned before such as Federation Risk and Lost Worlds and PD20.


9/13/2003 - The smallest of the old "eagle" classes of starships for the Romulans, the Snipe now has a miniature available.  The Falcon Mauler and Vulture Old Dreadnought are also now listed on the SFB store.


6/25/2003 - Lots of new stuff is now available by mail and at Origins: Captain's Log #26, Module R10 The New Cruisers, and miniatures of the Klingon D6M Mauler (pictured right), Federation HDW (it has an extra engine and rear hull section).  Also available at Origins are some pre-release Romulan Falcon and Vulture (below right) though no mail order release date has been given.


4/28/2003 - Peladine miniatures are now available, but only directly from ADB.  The CA was released earlier, but the new minis now available are the FF, DD, CL, DN, and CVA.


The new Lyran minis (DD and CW) were in house the the fleet boxes were getting packed, but these new minis were so awful that they did not want to sell them, thus the Lyran release has been cancelled for now until better versions are available.


3/20/2003 - Word comes from Steven Cole at the GAMA Trade Show that a deal has been made and Starfleet Aces will show up by Origins in July with the first two ship books.  There had been some discussion on the SFB Discussion Board about using the Ace of Aces system for starship combat.  In Ace of Aces, a WW I air combat game, each player has a book for their ship with each page showing a specific situation in the dogfight.  Each player chooses their action and they result in a new set of pages to turn to and see the next outcome.  It seems that they will also use the Lost Worlds modification for personal combat with a book for Klingon Warriors in the works.  Plans are to do starships first, then beings, then starfighters.


2/19/2003 - The classic Federation CA miniature in plastic from Gamescience is no longer available as a single item from ADB's online store.  It is now available only through the Federation Fleet Box #2 which includes one of each of the Federation plastic minis from Gamescience (DN, CA, Tug, DD, SC).  This mini has almost always been one of ADB's best sellers on their online store.


3/14/2002 - ADB has commissioned a limited run of the old style Gorn miniatures with the separate engines that stick out way behind the mini.  These are only available directly from ADB (link).  They also came out with a Kit Bash Pack full of assorted engines, booms, sensor dishes, etc.


2/24/2002 - Moved Star Fleet Battle Force information to its own page.