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Star Blazers Fleet Battle System is a miniatures tabletop game of space warfare set in the Yamato universe.
This game represents a recreation of the battles and weapon systems that are seen in the popular Japanese animation series SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO, or STAR BLAZERS in the United States.
The author's intent is to construct a rules system which correctly portrays the atmosphere of the series, as well as providing a fun and balanced game.


3/5/2008 - The latest news from Musashi is that the 20% discount has been eliminated but the base prices for the minis have been updated with most going down (some over 20%).  3 new items were added, the EDFS Space Battleship Borodino II Refit, a resin small planet and a resin asteroid.  Also word is that new alien races will be added to this universe so stay tuned.

1029 - EDFS Space Battleship Borodino II Refit

206 - Small Planet (resin)

207 - Asteroid (resin)


11/6/2007 - 3 new miniatures are now available, all in resin (no discount).

1023 - EDF Automated BB

5001 - Galman Dimensional Sub

6001 - Bolar Missile Destroyer

(Yamato on left for scale)


3/13/2007 - It is official, these 4 new miniatures are now available for sale and can be ordered directly from Musashi Enterprises.  Also more miniatures are scheduled for release later this year.


2/4/2007 - The next wave of miniatures is at the caster and will soon be available.  Resin versions were sent to those who had pre-ordered these minis.

EDF BB Kearsarge - $10.00

EDF BC Hood II Improved - $6.00 (2 in pkg)

Gamilon Devestator class Strike Cruiser - $7.00 (2 in pkg)

Comet Attack Cruiser - $10.00


9/10/2005 - An announcement from Musashi on new miniatures:

The next 5 SBFBS mini's that are scheduled are as follows:

EDF BB Kearsarge

EDF BC Hood II Improved

Gamilon Strike Cruiser

Comet Attack Cruiser

Nebulian Fleet Carrier

So, the Second Fleet Replenishment Drive has officially begun. The deal is the same as before For a $50.00 pledge you will receive 6 ships from the above list upon their release. $100 will fetch 12 ships and so forth.

Work on the new ships has already begun. Pics will be released when they are available.


7/2/2005 - Musashi has made the following announcement about new miniatures:

I have (finally) received the four new EDF mini releases:

1021 Radetsky EDF BB

1026 Shinano EDF CV

1027 Yamato refit BB

1028 Musashi EDF BB

Price each $10.00 (no discounts on these mini's)Shipping extra.

Also available:

204 Round Basing Ring (8/pkg) Same b/ring as in BC pack. Can be used for small ships and B/C. Price $4.00 ea.

205 Comet Anti-Matter Missile (2/pkg) for #3007

Comet Space Sub Price $1.00 ea. See page 173 Dark Nebula Game Module Book, for illustration. will be updated as soon as time permits.

EDF Battleship Radetsky and EDF Fleet Carrier Shinano

Reworked EDF Battleship Yamato (with separate turrets) and the EDF Battleship Musashi


5/22/2005 - 4 new EDF miniatures for Star Blazers Fleet Battle System will soon be available plus more may be on the way.  Here is the latest message from Musashi Enterprises:

I have been informed by Grim Reaper Casting that the production of the long anticipated EDF mini's has begun.

Hopefully, the first batch will be shipped to me around the end of the month. Once received I will post a message on the forum site as well as on the official Musashi website:

A new price structure will also be posted at that time. Expect the 4 new mini's to be in the $10.00 ea. price range with no discount plan as with the older mini's. The 20% discount will not be applied to any of the new releases since production costs have increased. Also, there is no 20% discount on the Galman sub, since this is an out of production item.

Along with the 4 new mini's we are also releasing a separate package of the battlecraft movement stands. These can be used for a number of basing options. These are the same round b/c stands you receive in each battlecraft pack, but now you can purchase them as a separate item (8 to a package). Price.$4.00 per pack.

Other space gaming projects that will relate to the existing Starblazers universe are in the works and will be announced via the forum or on the Musashi website when appropriate.

Keith Johannsen
Musashi Enterprises, Inc.


5/18/2004 - The Star Blazers Fleet Battle System official website has moved to a new home at 

On the Star Blazers FBS Yahoo Group, there has been discussion on new miniatures, and Musashi has a proposal where gamers pre-pay for the miniatures in the works to cover the $1500 sculpting costs (minimum $50 pledge which is about 5 ships).  A poll on this group indicated the most requested new minis are the Shinano, Radetsky, and Musashi plus a Yamato refit could also be done.  There is still discussion going on so join in and help the creation of new minis for this game or contact for more information.


7/12/2001 - Module II: Dark Nebula is back from the printers and is now available.

Keith from Musashi has made  the following comments about Module II:

- it is 296 pages and 3/4 of an inch thick

- it includes everything you need to play, you don't need the core rule book,

    including all the ships from the original rulebook and updated rules

- it is currently available only from Musashi, either directly or at a convention (Historicon & GenCon)


7/1/2001 - Keith posted another update on Module II to the Official Forum.

Here are the highlights:

I checked out the advance copy of the rules at the printers on Wednesday 6-26-01. 

So, the book is actually being printed as I type this. Lordy, Lordy, miracles do happen!

As of today, I am still being told that I can expect to have the books delivered to me by 7-3-01.  Hopefully, this will occur without any unforeseen delays.

People have already started to order the new rule book. If I receive the books in time before I leave for Origins on the 4th, I will attempt to ship them out.  Otherwise, I will start to ship them on the 10th of July, after my return.

Orders can be placed with Musashi at 1-414-383-7791 or My answering machine is on, so leave a message and phone number if I am not here.

The price of the Dark Nebula Module is a flat $35.00 plus $6.00 priority mail shipping fee.  Total $41.00.

Musashi Enterprises Inc, will be attending Origins and GenCon we have events scheduled for both of these shows.  We could use some help at GenCon with running events-is anyone interested?, if so contact me directly.  I will also be attending Historicon in July. I won't have a table this year, probably next year, but I will have copies of the rule book with me.  If anyone is attending Historicon and wants to get a copy of the new rules let me know.

I am trying to arrange to have at least 2 new packs of miniatures released for GenCon.  These would be the Gamilon BattleCruiser, and the Gamilon BattleCarrier II, with the nice big gun!


6/24/2001 - Dark Nebula is at the printers!  Here is Keith's message:

The Dark Nebula Module II rulebook/techmanual has been turned over to a printer as of Monday of this week.

I finally received the cover artwork from Voyager so the printer currently has everything he needs to complete the job.

As of yesterday, things are still on schedule.  Hopefully it will remain that way, but as they used to say on one of my favorite tv shows of the 1960's (actually Stingray), 'Anything can happen!'

The earliest I can expect to get the books in my hands, will be July 3rd.  The day before I leave to do the Origins Show in Columbus, Ohio  (July 5-8).

Therefore, the earliest day I can start shipping orders out will be around July 10th. Provided I have the books as promised by the printer.

The book will cost $35.00, plus about $6.00 for priority shipping if the order is mailed in the US or Canada. Overseas orders must contact me directly for shipping costs.

There is no discount for Mod II it is $35.00 plus shipping. We can accept Visa, Mastercard, or Money Orders.

People can begin to place orders with Musashi.  But note that I will closed on June 23-24, and July 4-9 due to show commitments.

Keith Johannsen

Musashi Enterprises, Inc.


5/22/2001 - More info on Dark Nebula - Module II from Keith at Musashi as

posted on the Official Forum:

"To all concerned:

Voyager Entertainment Inc., has approved the Dark Nebula Module 2.

There are still a few minor editing operations and some final input from Voyager before the book can go to the  printer.  I am hoping to accomplish this in the next week or so.

The target date is, I hope, to have it available for sale at the Origins Convention in July (5-8) held in Columbus, Ohio.

When I am informed by the printer as to when I will have the book in my hands there will be a general announcement on this site and our web page.  Until then please don't order the book. Final pricing is provisional at this time. Voyager has the final word in this and some last minute changes could occur. After all they are fliping the bill for all of this.

Further information about the contents of the book will be posted soon.  I hope to arrange a general chat session in the near future so we can all actively discuss it.  I am looking forward to this immensely.

Musashi is putting on quite a number of gaming events at Origins and GenCon this year.  If any of you can attend these conventions we would be happy to see you there and to have you participate in the games. Or run games yourself!

Keith Johannsen

Musashi Enterprises, Inc.

Designer Star Blazers Fleet Battle System"


5/18/2001 - A bit of news about Module II, all the WDFs are done plus it looks like they will also be available in a separate WDF Pack so you don't have to destroy the rulebook to get them copied.  Plus the WDF Pack will have 2 bonus WDFs not found in the rulebook.


3/12/2001 - Two new Official ships have been posted for SBFBS webpage:

          EDF SFFG-H Stilletto Heavy Frigate

          Gamilon Empire SBC Vortex Battlecruiser (Previously misidentified as the SBC Majestic Battlecruiser)

More WDFs are expected to be showcased on the SBFBS Official Forum (including some collaborations and surprises)...


2/23/2001 - A few new ship WDFs are available on the SBFBS webpage:

EDF SCG Mogami II Cruiser Experimental Refit

EDF TDD Lightning II Destroyer Experimental Refit

Also if you are a member of the new SBFBS Official Forum, the WDF for the EDF SBC-H Invincible Class Experimental Battlecruiser - Robert Carignan is available in the Files section. Please note that these ships are unofficial at this time.


1/20/2001 Posted on the SBFBS Forum by Musashi:

"As far as the next module (Dark Nebula) goes. It is completed except for the WDFs (Warship Display Forms) which we are waiting for one of our contributors to finish and submit. This has been long delayed and I apologize for it but it is out of my control at the moment."


8/25/2000 - Posted on the SBFBS Forum by Musashi:

These are the ships planned for the Dark Nebula Module II. The following have already been released; 1016, 1017, 3011, 3012, 4001, 4002, 4003, 4004, 4005. Battlecraft sets for the Gamilons and Comets Empires are also available now:2017,and 3009.More to be released later. The website is not updated yet with the prices for the new sets so contact me directly if interested at


1016 Heavy Battlecruiser

1017 Heavy Frigate

1018 Improved Battlecruiser

1019 Light Strike Cruiser

1020 Patrol Ship

1021 Battleship Radetzky

1022 Battleship Kearsarge

1023 Automated Battleship

1024 Automated Destroyer

1025 Light Carrier

1026 Fleet Carrier Shinano

1027 Yamato refit 2202

1028 Battleship Musashi



2022 Battlecarrier Revenge II

2023 Battlecruiser

2024 Strike Cruiser


3011 Deep Space Sub

3012 Battle Cruiser

3013 Attack Cruiser

3014 Medium Carrier

3015 Sub Tender


         Dark Nebula

4001 Frigate

4002 Heavy Strike Cruiser

4003 Battleship

4004 Corvette

4005 Light Strike Cruiser

4006 Medium Carrier

4007 Fleet Carrier

4008 Battleship Pleiades

4009 Assault Transport

4010 Factoryship

4011 Mantis Bomber

4012 Battlecraft set 1

4013 Battlecraft set 2

Contact me for ordering or questions about the new releases

Keith Johannsen



8/4/2000 - 6 new packs of minis will be available at GenCon:

          1017 EDFS Heavy Frigate 6 in pack $6.96

          2017 Gamilon Battlecraft Set #1 18 in pack $5.95

          3009 Comet Battlecraft Set #1 24 in pack $6.95

          3012 Comet Battlecruiser 1 $6.95

          4004 Nebula Corvette 3 in pack $8.95

          4005 Nebula Lt Strike Cruiser 2 in pack $8.95

They will be available by mail order after August 13th.  Also expect announcements on other products soon.


5/3/2000 - Posted on the SBFBS Forum was a picture of some of the new miniatures, soon to be available.  Take a look at the EDFS "Stilletto" class Heavy Frigate, the Gamilon Battlecruiser, and the Gamilon Battlecarrier II.


3/20/2000 - It has been a while since there has been any word on the Dark Nebula module.  Finally a bit more info just came out on the SBFBS Forum from 'Hardlec':

          The dark nebula module is in the final playtest stage, and several key elements are ready for production. It will be ready for sale to retailers soon, and is being sold to distributors at GAMA this week.

          Musashi is still in business, and Voyager still has the rights to Star Blazers, and there is no change in status for either in the forseeable future.

          IF ANYONE HEARS OTHERWISE: contact or Someone has been spreading rumours that SBFBS is gone. This is decidely NOT TRUE. If your store owner can't get merchandice, have him/her contact the e-mail addresses above.


So it looks like a May release plus the 20% off sale is still on!