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From Red Shirt Games


"Red Shirt Games has been running a Space Smash with another company's rules at conventions for over 10 years. We challenged ourselves to improve upon the flow of play, and to make it possible to actually finish a 12 player game in less than 2 hours.

This rules set is the result of that challenge. We ran the game at Origins and Gen Con, and guess what - everyone who played loved it!

It is based on Red Shirt Games' well loved d12 system, and shares rules mechanics with all of our D12 games.

The rules download is cheap, includes 13 different ships to play with, and can be used with any space combat miniatures that use a hex-based map system.

It is a Smash format game. This means that each player controls one ship, and begins at "Tier 1". The goal is to get kills, get off the map, and return in a "Tier 2" ship; get some more kills, get off the map, and return in a "Tier 3" ship; keep getting kills, leave the map and win the game. Against up to 11 other players."


2/6/2012 - Red Shirt Smash is available as a pdf download through DriveThruRPG.