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"Quad-S, the Strategic Starship Skirmish System, is a spaceship combat boardgame unlike any other on the market by using a “modular” rules system. Each race plays by their own rules and can be used as a stand alone game. At the same time however, each race can play against any other race without any problems. Each race is different on how they move, fire, take damage, and even how they go into hyperspace. But the one thing that doesn't change is that they are all totally compatible to play against each other."


6/8/2011 - Quad-S is back as a downloadable pdf from Wargames Vault with a special introductory price of $9.95.


5/31/2010 - Powercell Games website is no longer active.


1/24/2007 - I received the following information from Jim Eisert:

I wanted to come by and give a special deal to kick off the new year and to give a few of those players on the fence of trying Quad-S: Evolution a boost in the right direction.

Anyone who buys Quad-S: Evolution, from now until the end of the January, will receive a $5 rebate on the basic game and $10 if they buy the game with the space mat (Money is given back to the customer as soon as I process the order, not any of the typical rebate junk like sending in receipts or what have you). This still will include free shipping on all US orders.

Also, for current players that do not have the space mat yet, I am having two separate contests that will both win Quad-S space mats.

The first contest will be for the best fan site for Quad-S: Evolution. If you are decent on making your own website, this is for you. Themes can range anywhere from talking about your favorite Quad-S race, strategies, maybe even video of playing with your friends. The website does not have to be huge with tons of content (although we wouldn’t stop you from that either). Make your own scenarios, talk strategy, and show off fan artwork, it’s all good.

The second contest is for the best article on the Quad-S Forum about strategies for playing Quad-S. Articles should be clear and easy to read, Make as many articles as you wish.

The winners will be determined March 31st. Good luck.


4/25/2006 - I got the following press release from Jim Eisert:

I am currently working on that announcement that I will plug on your website soon. It will be an “open supplement license”. In a chunk, it will mean the availability for players to make up their own products using the Quad-S: Evolution engine. I am trying to work out the details right now and legalities and nothing is written in stone yet, but here is an idea of what I envision the program to be.

1)       Creators of any supplemental Quad-S: Evolution product may sell that product and keep all profits. There is no royalty or franchise fee. (Although a copy of the book and case of Samuel Adams Boston Lager would be nice….) By using the license, you would give me the right to use anything within your products for an update to the Quad-S system after 5 years of your product’s release date, thus giving you plenty of time to make money off of it and yet allowing me to make chose parts of it part of the “official” Quad-S universe. You would still get author’s credits in the main book if I do use them.

2)       This is was mainly to be used for creating battle scenarios and campaigns. However, I am mulling over the idea of allowing new races, ships, equipment and rules to be created. I am only concerned about game balance and storyline purposes. But I am thinking there will be better responses just letting people do what they want.

3)       I will be, of course, keeping protection copyrights for my book and works inside to full extent. Anything made should be used within the Quad-S universe storylines.

If you folks have extra ideas on this please let me know. I hope to finalize this soon.

Hope to see you help create our galaxy!


10/14/2005 - A bit of news from Jim Eisert of Powercell Games:

Our website is down, but only until we find a new server and get that all squared away.  For the meantime, any orders should be emailed to me at

Also, to entice those who are unfamiliar to our universe, we are giving our fellow gamers a chance to see what Quad-S is all about, so we are offering two random 1st edition, old school, racebooks out of the stock we have left for $5 a set. That includes shipping (for US orders, international orders inquire as to shipping costs please) Of course, we must limit this to one deal per household.

This is a great way to get a feel of what makes the Quad-S game system unique. We are sure that once you like what you se, you'll be champing at the bit to get the 2nd edition with all the extra goodies.

By the way, if you think your local game store would be interested in selling Quad-S, please have them contact me at the email above.


7/11/2005 - News from Jim, Quad-S: Evolution is shipping pre-orders to customers today with a special surprise cover that will only be found on the pre-ordered copies of the game.  If you waited and did not pre-order, then you missed out but you can still get a copy with the regular cover (seen below).


6/17/2005 - More news from Jim at Powercell Games:

I just got the proof back from the printers and it is AWSOME! This way exceeded my expectations! The artwork comes out beautifully and the text is crisp and easy to read. I love it.

So now I will be placing the first batch of orders and estimate about 2-3 weeks for the books to come in from then. Remember, we have the Quad-S space mats as well in stock made from our friends at Monday Knight Productions to grab too!

Welcome to our galaxy...the wormhole is now open and stable.....


6/6/2005 - I just received the following information from Jim Eisert of Powercell Games:

For all those who have waited...and ordered pre-orders....and waited.....finally....the wait is close to over!!!!

I am proud (and relieved) to state that Quad-S: Evolution is at the printers right now for a proof. The nanosecond I get done reviewing it, it will be officially at the printers!

Keep in mind that there is still time to Preorder the Special Edition with the Special Cover and signed. Once the proof is more Special Edition!


11/3/2004 - I got an update on Quad-S: Evolution from Jim...

Here is a PDF of our new ship sheets.  If anyone remembers the old sheets, these look a heck of a lot better. Also, they are updated for the new rules as well. They are a lot crisper than the old ones to be sure.

We are working hard to bring you Q:E within the next month. Hopefully, it will be sooner. But...quality first!

Space mats from Monday Knight Productions will be available VERY soon and they look great.

The response for special edition copies has been very good. Just to let those who are unaware know, the first run of Quad-S will be a special run that will have a special cover and signed. I am sure those who want a signed copy can have one, but the special cover will be a one time thing. Pre-order now to make sure you get yours.


9/28/2004 - A small clarification from Jim, Quad-S: Evolution will be a printed product of almost 100 pages, plus you will get a CD-ROM of ship control sheets and more.


9/25/2004 - Another note from Jim:

You can now pre-order Quad-S: Evolution at! Those who pre-order will have a special edition of the game with different cover and signed by all the guys at Powercell Games...and a few extras on the CD as well.

Also, we have made a deal with Monday Knight Productions to produce the Quad-S: Evolution 3x3 and 4x6 space gaming mats! You can pre-order them also right now at as well.

Be sure to join our forums to get involved with future products for Quad-S: Evolution. We always appreciate your input.

See you in our galaxy

James Eisert
Powercell Games


9/22/2004 - Jim dropped me a note:

Just wanted to let everybody know, the official site is up. it's still somewhat in construction, but for the most part it is done. We will have a Quad-S: Evolution page up shortly. There is a forum there as well, where you can contact all the Quad-S gurus as well.


9/15/2004 - Jim Eisert has sent over the following preview of the Second Edition of Quad-S, due out real soon:

Quad-S: Evolution
The second edition of Quad-S has arrived!

Quad-S has been sold over 2000 copies in eight countries since it's debut back in 1998. Everybody from veteran gamers to new blood having its first taste of non-mass market gameplay is being introduced to Quad-S every week. With that kind of following, we had to come out with a second edition. Quad-S Evolution.

The basic premise that made Quad-S special has not changed. Quad-S is still a maneuver-based game that rewards good tactics. Every race is still diverse and plays by a different set of rules that is still compatible with the other races in gameplay. With honorable playing still a major for the spirit of the game, it is one of the main reasons Quad-S is still popular years later, is has generated a fan base of the "good" gamers.

What is different in Quad-S: Evolution?

1) Fighter Swarms

Squadrons of fighters now enter the Quad-S universe. Although fighters will have an impact on the game, they are not overpowered. They will be used to take out escort vessels and other small craft, but will leave any other large target alone.

2) P-Fighters

They move like fighters and take damage like capital ships. These ships add a level of diversity to the game, allowing for more creative scenarios with escort vessels. Using these craft, you could play without capital ships at all for a fast paced action game!

3) Marines

One good thing about Quad-S is the capability of disabling a capital ship before destroying it. Sometimes, however, a ship will still be mainly out of the game, but have enough power to avoid capture. It's time to send in the marines! They will board and enemy ship and disable it's systems, making it for easy capture. There are special types of marines as well, like the Husanna Coalition's suicidal "Death Wish" Marines, or the Trenon's "Infiltration Nanites".

4) Upgraded look and feel

The overall look and feel for the Quad-S game has definitely gone upwards. The ship control sheets are larger and much more packed with information.

5) More systems

Some examples are ortillery for orbital bombardment scenarios, point defenses to fend fighters off, sensors to detect ships from far away, and of course, a few new weapons to make everybody happy.

6) Rules for space terrain

We now have official rules for asteroids, black holes (using Stephen Hawking's new theories on black holes as a guide), wormhole, and all the standard astrological science fiction fare.

7) New optional rules

Shadowing is a rule that allows ships to "tag" one another. You may have your ship stay behind another vessel to exploit its weaker, rear arc. The drawback is the enemy can force you too move your ships early, negating the advantage.

Segmented Operations (or SegOps) is a rule that is used in smaller games. It breaks each turn into four segments, which allows ships to track each other easier. Although the paperwork goes up a bit, the payoff is great strategically.

Sensors can add a "hunt and seek" element to the game. Both sides will know that ships are at the other end of the table, but not have a clue as to what they actually are until they are scanned.

Overall, the Quad-S universe will be greatly enlarged and enhanced. We think you’ll agree.

8) More affordable

The game will not be separated into 6 different books this time. It all comes in one book. The original game will come in softcover format with close to 100 pages of gaming goodness. The great thing is, to grab the entire game will no longer cost $90. It retails for only $30 1/3 of the original price! Also, you will be able to just print out your ship sheets and play without having to go to a copy store with all the ships available on CD-ROM.

Overall, the new Quad-S is an exciting release for us here at Powercell Games. We are sure you will agree and look forward to hear from all of our old fans, and getting ready to greet the new ones.

Also, Quad-S mats are being produced as we speak.

See you in our galaxy,

James Eisert

Powercell Games


8/2/2004 - Her is an update from Jim Eisert of Powercell Games:

Just wanted to give you an update as to Quad-S. First off 2nd Edition is about done. What we are wondering now is which way to publish it. Book format or online publication. Most of our customer base are space gamers already, so making a boxed set with a map and counter would be too expensive to do, although I would have preferred it.

The optional rules are a great improvement. Shadowing, fighters, gunships, marines, phased turns for smaller battles, all of these really add to the game. We believe this will just add to the versatility to the Quad-S game.

We are currently going to make a dive into promoting Quad-S. If you know anyone that would not mind running games at Gencon (or other convention circuit) please let us know. We will have free product for the people who do, as well as many racebooks to send them as prizes to give away at the conventions to anyone who play the demo game.

Jim also says:

The Ku'Son'Ri Racebook is now going to be free for people to test the game. I would recommend people who want to test the game out to play this book as opposed to the "Lesser Race" books we let out for free before. The Ku'Son'Ri is the most balanced racebook in the game system and is best to demo. The remaining racebooks will be on PDF format soon available at a discounted price.

Ku'Son'Ri Racebook 3.21MB pdf file - 37 pages


10/9/2003 - James Eisert of Powercell Games sent me the following info:

I am blowing out the rest of the current Quad-S stock. I am selling them at $7 each or $39 a set. (Only 5 complete sets left by the way...Allegrot Alliance soon to be out of stock) 

Also of interest...

2nd edition is about a year away from production as of now. Looking VERY good. We made a lot of enhancements and such. We have added fighters, and marines as well.


11/23/2002 - Announcing the Quad-S Christmas Special deal - get the entire set of 6 Quad-S books for only $59 (shipping included in the USA) or buy 2 sets and give one to a friend for only $99.  This offer is only good through December.


8/22/2002 - A Starship Combat News Exclusive - Powercell Games has given SCN the newly created PDF files for its 2 additional Racebooks, the Arkadian Free Houses and the Terran Subjugation Fleet.  Download these free racebooks and see if you like how Quad-S works.

Arkadian Free Houses - 7.39MB pdf file - 44 pages

Terran Subjugation Fleet - 6.86MB pdf file - 34 pages


5/13/2002 - QUAD-S special for SCN readers, from Jim Eisert of Powercell Games:

Really like the site. I am in the message boards a bit. I want to give a discount to all those who read your site. Special discount for Starship Combat News readers. $59 for all six racebooks with shipping included for intercontinental orders. Here is the link where they can order This deal will good for the first six people who take the deal. (that's all the complete sets I have left).


That is a $20 savings from the normal package price of $79.  Hurry before those 6 sets are gone.


9/9/2001 - QUAD-S is Back!!!!!    I just got an email from Jim Eisert;

 "I finally got the site up again. It's on tripod mind you. But, right now, free is better than nothing. We will be periodically be adding new scenarios and weapons/ship to the site free for all those players from the past."

So go to for more info on the game and how to order your copy.  Shipping is free of charge on US orders plus there is a special deal if you buy all 6 racebooks at once.


1/23/2001 - Still no word on the fate of QUAD-S and Powercell Games so I have moved this game to the 'Still On the Shelf' section of Out Of Print games you might still find on a store shelf somewhere.


9/22/2000 - The website for Powercell Games and QUAD-S has been down for a while.  I have tried to contact the designer/publisher with no luck yet.  If you have any info on the status of the game, please let me know, otherwise I will be moving this game to the Out Of Print area soon.


2/12/2000 - The links to the free racebooks seem to have been taken down.


10/20/99 - The 2nd free racebook is now available.  Download 'The Arkadian Free Houses' today.  Both a postscript and a HTML version are available.  The Arkadians are unique in that they are a player designed race using newtonian movement and predictable critical damage


9/28/99 - An HTML version of the racebook is now available for those with inkjet printers or having problems with the .prn files


9/27/99 - A free Quad-S racebook for the 'The Terran Subjugation Fleet' is now available plus another one is planned for release on the net.  Go to the Quad-S website and click on the link at the bottom left and then follow the instructions.


I finally was able to print the TSF Racebook.  What you download is a bianary .prn file you send to a printer.  I had troubles since my printer was set up through a network and not connected direct to my PC.  My solution was to get the shareware program Imprint ( and then printing was a breeze.


If you have ever wondered about the Quad-S game, this is your chance to try the game for free.