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"Lightning Strike is a game of tactical fleet combat set in the universe of the Jovian Chronicles, simulating the numerous space battles fought between the solar powers in the early 23rd century. Players take the part of fleet commanders in the conflict, viewing the battle from above and giving orders to the participating units."


3/30/2006 - DP9 seems to be getting back into gaming with Jovian Chronicles Blitz rules scheduled for release sometime this summer.  They are working on new miniatures and have pictures up of new fleet scale fighters.  JC Blitz will have 2 levels of play the first will use the existing Spaceships along with the new squad counters for Exos (2 small exos), Fighters (3 small fighters) and Aces (1 Ace exo). When the squad counters get close to one another the players can choose to play the second level which is a zoomed in battle, where they pull out the full size Exos, Fighters and Aces Exos, but without the Spaceships.


7/15/2005 - The SilCORE Miniatures Rules will no longer cover all of their games.  The new miniatures rules will only cover Heavy Gear with another book for future release to update miniatures battles in the Jovian Chronicles universe.


4/18/2004 - DP9 has pushed back the SilCORE Miniature Rules to June but has announced the release of some Heavy Gear landship miniatures which are also due out in June.  In the Heavy Gear universe "Landships" are huge land-going vessels which use magnetic repulsion and hoverfan technologies to float a few centimeters off the ground.  The miniatures could be used for spaceships with little effort.  Click on the picture for a full size version that it "actual size" according to the DP9 website.

DP9-934 Khan Class Landcarrier (2 per blister; $19.95us)

DP9-935 Caesar Class Cruiser (2 per blister; $19.95us)

DP9-936 Alexander Class Frigate (3 per blister; $14.95us)

DP9-931 Vortex Class Landcarrier (1 per blister; $19.95us) 

DP9-932 Tornado Class Cruiser (2 per blister; $19.95us)

DP9-933 Storm Class Destroyer (3 per blister; $14.95us)


1/22/2004 - DP9 announces the new Silhouette Core Miniatures Rules for and April release:

The new SilCORE Miniatures Rules take the acclaimed Silhouette game mechanics and use them to drive exciting tabletop wargaming play. Directly compatible with the SilCORE roleplaying rule set (DP9-909), the Miniatures Rules support play in a large variety of settings and scales, from historical skirmishes to modern warfare and all the way to far-future space fleet engagements. The SilCORE Miniatures Rules also contain the required information to drive tabletop play in all of Dream Pod 9ís existing game lines, such as Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles and Gear Krieg (WWII and Modern).

The Silhouette CORE Miniature Rules includes rules for the following:

Skirmish Scale - Tactical Scale - Fleet Scale - Tactical Air


At GenCon 2003, the guys at the DP9 booth mentioned this as a comprehensive set of rules that would replace Lightning Strike and other miniature rules, combining them into one system.


5/24/2002 - In DP9's April informational fax, it states that the drones pack has been canceled, but the drones will be in the Jovian Chronicles Weapons pack.

2/23/2002 - The second Venus mini, the Shan-Yu has been released by DP9 and should be in stores soon.


2/9/2002 - DP9 has released the mini for the Huang-Ti.  The Shan-Yu is now listed as a February release the and Drones pack still listed for April


1/4/2002 - Now listed for a late January/early February release are the Venus spaceship minis Shan-Yu and Huang-Ti.  Then listed as an April release is a Drones Pack.


9/28/2001 - The Lightning Strike Companion along with the other September products have shipped to distributors.  Covered in the supplement are: 

  • Advanced rules for combined ships, colony cylinders, escort/strike missions and more!

  • Extensive campaign rules, including resource management and strategic deployment;

  • Campaign, Historical and Training scenarios;

  • Information and game statistics for Mercury, Mars, Titan, Nomads, STRIKE and United Space Nation Guards combat spacecraft;

  • Provisions for giant colony cylinders, magnetic sails, escort units and and even nuclear weaponry

  • Four full-color modeling pages.


9/21/2001 - The LS Companion is back from the printer and should ship to distributors later this week.  A bit more info from DP9's webpage; Lightning Strike players are getting the Companion, full of advanced options and a set of grandiose campaign rules, including fleet movements and resource management!

Also listed for a December release are miniatures for a couple of Venus ships, the Shan-Yu and the Huand-Ti.


9/8/2001 - The Lightning Strike Compendium has been send to the printers for release later this month.

Lightning Strike Companion (DP9-324)

This companion book to the core Lightning Strike tabletop space combat rules (DP9-322) features new options and new scenarios, along with additional vehicle datacards and options for your fleets.

DP9-324, 80 + 4 color pages, $19.95us/$21.95can

ISBN 1-894578-60-0

8/29/2001 - The Javelin class Missile Cruiser (2 per pack) and the Uller class Missile Cruiser (2 per pack) are now available.


6/22/2001 - Looking a bit further in to DP9's release schedule shows as a September 2001 release:

       DP9-324 -- JC: LS2 Companion (80 + 4 color pages, ISBN 1-894578-60-0)


6/7/2001 - Looking at DP9's schdule of releases for the next few months, in August (shipping August 31st) wil be the Javelin class Missile Cruiser (2 per pack) an the Uller class Missile Cruiser (2 per pack).  Also of note, in July DP9 is releasing the Spaceship Compendium for Heavy Gear:

This companion sourcebook to Tactical Space Support (DP9-060) examines the many spacecraft in use by the various factions of the Heavy Gear universe. From the massive and nearly immobile Gateships down to the small and agile combat drones, this book has it all. Vehicles like shuttles, clippers and Gateships are examined in details, including some interior deckplans. The book also include a few installations (outposts, moon bases) and adventure seeds.

DP9-066, 80 pages, $17.95us/$19.75can

ISBN 1-894578-57-0


5/1/2001 - Two more packs of Lightning Strike minis have shipped to distributors, the the Godsfire Supercarrier and the Bricriu-class Corvettes






3/10/2001 - The minis of the Tengu Escort Carrier and Thunderbolt Cruiser should be in stores now.


2/16/2001 - Later this month, DP9 will release 2 new minis for Lightning Strike, the
Tengu Escort Carrier
and Thunderbolt Cruiser.  Also alternate  drone reload rules are available on DP9's website.


12/1/2000 - DP9's website states that Lightning Strike, Second Edition has shipped to distributors.


10/21/2000 - A 2nd edition of Lightning Strike is in the works, from their webpage:

"Lightning Strike, Second Edition is a revised version of our best-selling space fleet combat game. Having run out of rulebooks, we decided to do a slight upgrade rather than just another reprint. The differences between editions are minor, consisting mostly of rule clarifications. The presentation has been redesigned to make learning the game easier, and a new color section showcases the miniatures and tabletop terrain. If you already own the first edition, you don't need the new one, but we're betting you'll surely want it nonetheless because it's much nicer and easier to use."


8/31/2000 - The second set of Lightning Strike minis did not make it out in July but should be shipping this week.  DP9's website has pics of the Valiant-Class Strike Carrier and the Poseidon-Class Battleship

Also I got a picture of the first couple minis in the blisters, and on the game table.


6/30/2000 - DP9 has shipped to distributors the first of the Lightning Strike ship miniatures, the Athena-Class Destroyer and the Hachiman-Class Destroyer


4/6/2000 - DP9 now has a 2000 Product Schedule up on their website.  No aditional Lightning Strike supplements are listed (though Gear Krieg sounds cool).  The following miniatures are listed:

          June 2000

DP9-403, Athena-Class Destroyer

DP9-404, Hachiman-Class Destroyer

          July 2000

DP9-407, Valiant-Class Strike Carrier

DP9-408, Poseidon-Class Battleship

          November 2000

DP9-415, Thunderbolt-Class Cruiser

DP9-416, Tengu-Class Escort Carrier

          December 2000

DP9-417, Godsfire-Class Supercarrier

DP9-418, Bricriu-Class Corvette


3/30/2000 - Call to Arms came back from the printer while DP9 was at the GAMA Trade show.  It shipped out to distributors on Wednesday along with the Tactical Space Support manual for Heavy Gear.


3/10/2000 - Call to Arms as gone to the printer.  Also DP9 has posted some pics of the Lightning Strike minis due in June, and they will include decals (which may be different than those pictured).  Take a look at the Athena-class Destroyer and the Hachiman-class Destroyer.


3/3/2000 - DP9 has updated their webpage with info on their March releases, inlcuding the second Lightning Strike supplement, Call to Arms which is almost ready to go to press:

Call to Arms is the second supplement for Lightning Strike, completing the space-based rules set with provisions for advanced ECM, minefields, unit variants and space stations. In addition to twenty-four new CEGA and Jovian units, vehicles used by the neutral Mercurian Merchant Guild are also presented. Within these covers you will find:

          - Full rules and datacards for fielding the exo-armors, fighters and warships of Jupiter, Earth and Mercury;

          - Advanced rules for new weapons, cargo and low orbit battles;

          - Two full-color counter sheets

DP9-318, 32 pages +counters

SRP $15.95US/$17.50Can


2/19/2000 - For more information on Jovian Chronicles, including reviews of
Lightning Strike
and Venus: Behind the Veil, check out EXO - The Online Jovian Chronicles Fanzine


2/12/2000 - Marc A. Vezina <> of DP9 posted the following information on about miniatures for Lightning Strike:

They are coming out this Spring, at the rate of two ships and two exos or fighters per release. Ships are in 1/5000 scale (roughly 1-3" long) and the rest in 1/500 (most exos are 1" high).

Update 2/18/2000 - DP9's February Dealers Newsletter is online and lists releases through June.  Slated for June release are miniatures of the Athena-Class Destroyer and Hachiman-Class Destroyer along with minis of the Pathfinder and Wyvern exos.