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"Iron Stars is a game of space combat in an age of steam and steel. Set in a fictional universe based loosely on the writings of H. G. Wells and other fantasists, it provides a back story and ship designs from an alternate history in which the Martian Invasion actually happened, the ether is all-pervasive, and Cavorite is a reality. But, as with Starmada and other Majestic Twelve Games products, the focus is on players' imaginations; a clear and concise ship construction system is provided so you can pit your own space dreadnoughts against the likes of the Royal Navy Ether Squadron or the German Äthermarine."


Iron Stars miniatures are available from Brigade Models


3/30/2009 - Majestic 12 had released a unique crossover, a supplement so you can play in the Iron Stars universe using the Starmada game system.


2/1/2007 - Brigade Models has just released the first of the Austro-Hungarian ship minis for Iron Stars.  They are the Ersatz Monarch class Battleship, the Janos Hunyadi class Heavy Cruiser, and the Vadasz class Destroyer.


5/1/2006 - Now available from Majestic 12 Games is Southern Front, the second supplement for Iron Stars:

In this book players will find additional game mechanics and background material that extends our semi historical timeline through the pivotal year of 1912:

     * An overview of world history from the close of the Merchant War through the Antarctic crisis;
     * Nearly four dozen new ether ship designs, covering the space forces of South America, Italy, Turkey, and Spain, along with additional ships from Britain and Japan, and the introduction of the Soviet space forces;
     * Coverage of the Falklands War between the British Empire and the A.B.C. Powers (Argentina, Brazil, and Chile), including nine new scenarios;
     * "The Red One", a short story by Jack London;
     * A new space station, HMSS Diamond Rock;
     * Rules for boarding parties and shipboard combat;
     * New special equipment, such as star shells and heat rays; and
     * Rules for orbital bombardment of surface targets.

Southern Front is 100 pages and includes nine (9) sheets of counters and templates for use with star shells and orbital bombardment.


6/21/2005 - The shipment is in and Brigade Models now has copies of The Merchant War available. They will also be running a special deal on a Starter Pack of Iron Stars miniatures plus The Merchant War for only £37.  This special deal expires on July 4th 2005. 

6/4/2005 - Majestic 12 announces the release of their first book in the Iron Stars Library series:

Majestic Twelve Games is pleased to release the first volume of our new project, The Iron Stars Library--a collection of works from a time when the horrors of the industrial age had been prophesized but not yet experienced; when the frontiers of science fantasy had not yet been fixed by post-atomic cliche'; and when the entirety of scientific understanding had yet to outstrip the capacity of a single mind.

Through this series, it is our hope to revive the science and science fiction of this simpler era, while at the same time enriching the background to our popular Iron Stars game.

Volume One: Worlds At War presents five works by H. G. Wells, the man who, along with Jules Verne, arguably invented the science fiction genre and directly influenced the background of the Iron Stars universe.

The War of the Worlds is a chronicle of the Martian Invasion, as told by an English gentleman who survived the attack on London.

The Crystal Egg describes the misadventures of a man who has stumbled across a Martian artifact used to spy upon Earthly activities.

The First Men in the Moon is an account of the short-lived career of Mr. Cavor, inventor of the gravity-nullifying Cavorite and first explorer of the lunar surface.

The Stolen Bacillus details an anarchist plot to spread Asiatic cholera throughout the city of London--with unexpected results.

The Empire of the Ants is a chilling account of a group of Amazon explorers who discover that the threats to humanity aren't necessarily all extraterrestrial in origin.

For more information on the library, and about the Iron Stars miniatures game, please visit our web site: .


4/26/2005 - News from Dan Kast of Majestic 12on the release of The Merchant War, the first supplement for Iron Stars:

For all you ESF fanatics (that's "Edwardian Sci-Fi"... :) our first supplement for Iron Stars, The Merchant War, is now available!

The Merchant War is the first expansion for the Iron Stars miniatures wargame. Herein you will find much to expand upon the basic Iron Stars game, including: A detailed history of the Merchant War of 1908-1909 between the United Kingdom and Austria-Hungary; The introduction of fast attack craft and His Majesty's Space Station Celestial Queen; One dozen new ship designs, including the German Äthermarine and Austro-Hungarian Sternmarine; Six new scenarios covering actions of the Merchant War; More information about Martians by the best-known chronicler of the Invasion, H. G. Wells; Additional rules for combat, including crew casualties and searchlights; New special equipment, such as machine guns and poison gas; Errata for the original Iron Stars rulebook; and rules for including freighters and Q-ships in your games.

In addition, 3 more Iron Stars miniatures are now available from Brigade Models and all the IS minis can now be ordered.  From left to right are the British Bantam Battleship, the Russian Admiral Spiridoff Battleship and the Russian Admiral Butakoff Battlecruiser.

Iron Stars British Bantam Battleship        Russian Admiral Spiridoff Battleship        Russian Admiral Butakoff Battlecruiser


4/9/2005 - Brigade Models have announced that the first of the Iron Stars miniatures will be released at Salute on April 23rd.  The four ships pictured below, plus the British Bantam and Russian Spiridoff battleships will be released at Salute. Pictured from left to right are the British Haemonculous Light Cruiser, British Tycho Light Cruiser, Russian Tsargrad Heavy Cruiser, and the Russian Morozko Sloop.

Iron Stars British Haemonculous Light Cruiser Iron Stars British Tycho Light Cruiser Iron Stars Russian Tsargrad Heavy Cruiser Iron Stars Russian Morozko Sloop


1/24/2005 - I received the following info from Dan Kast of Majestic 12:

Over the last couple of months, we've been getting numerous requests for hard copies of Iron Stars and Grand Fleets...

I've been holding off since I didn't know if there was enough interest to warrant a second printing of either (or both). But, in the interests of keeping potential players happy, I have bowed to pressure from Kevin:

Starting immediately and going through Groundhog Day, we are taking orders for both Iron Stars and Grand Fleets ($19.95 each) -- or you can order both for the low low price of $29.95.

However, if we don't get at least 20 orders for either book by February 2, all orders for that book will be cancelled... so if you -really- want your hard copy of IS or GF, tell your friends and neighbors to get their orders in!

Orders can be placed via our website at

So order quickly if you missed out on a paper copy of Iron Stars or Grand Fleets (MJ12's WWI Naval game).


7/17/2004 - Brigade Models in the UK will be distributing selected Majestic 12 Games rulesets.  They currently have  a Iron Stars and the Starmada Companion available.


5/30/2004 - Dan Kast of MJ12 writes that Iron Stars is now shipping to all pre-orders.  The PDF version is already available at RPGnow.  Also Brigade Models plans to start releasing their line of miniatures for this game starting in August.


4/26/2004 - Dan Kast of Majestic Twelve Games has sent out the following announcement:

Majestic Twelve Games is pleased to announce that Iron Stars is now ready for pre-orders.

The rulebook includes five (5) sheets of full-color cardstock counters and one (1) sheet of transparent templates.

The release date is May 27, 2004; orders placed before this date receive a 20% discount. More information on Iron Stars and all of our other products can be found at our web site:

The retail price is $19.95, with the 20% discount it's $15.96.  A PDF version will be available, probably in early June according to Dan.

3/16/2004 - Brigade Models will be producing a full line of miniatures for Iron Stars which are due out in mid 2004.  Brigade's Iron Stars page shows designs for the first releases, the British and Russian fleets (British CL pictured to the left)

MJ12's website now says Iron Stars is coming in April.


12/21/2003 - Iron Stars is now listed as coming soon, but a picture of the cover is available and a pre-release version of the rulebook is available here.


1/19/2003 - Dan Kast of Majestic Twelve announces that a new game, Iron Stars is targeted for a July release.  

"Iron Stars is a space combat game in the age of steam and steel. Set in an alternate universe based loosely on the writings of H.G. Wells, it provides a back story and ship designs from an alternate history in which the Martian Invasion really happened, and Cavorite is a reality. But, as with Starmada and other Majestic Twelve products, the focus is on players' imaginations; a clear and concise ship construction system is provided so you can pit your own space dreadnoughts against the likes of the Royal Navy Ether Squadron and the German Aethermarine."

This game grew out of another soon to be released game, Iron Seas, a turn of the century naval combat game that could handle pseudo-historical and science-fantasy elements 

A playtest version Iron Stars can be found at