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This is an updated version of the classic Traveller game.


8/19/2001 - Just released at GenCon, Imperium is a slick looking campaign game updated from the older version.  Graphics are updated along with a much more detailed combat system that is still simple enough to use.


Here is how they describe it on their website:

"The science fiction classic returns with new game boards, beautiful oversized playing pieces & an innovative 3-D combat system. Easy to learn, with quick-playing scenarios for an evening's fun or longer campaign games for intense competition.

                    IMPERIUM includes:

                    Two 22"x17" maps

                    One 22"x34" galactic map

                    330 oversized playing pieces

                    20 page digest rulebook

                    16 page scenario digest book

                    2 player aid cards

                    Price: $34.95

                    Stock #: 0401