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From L.M.W. Works
Available through On Military Matters


"HYPERSPACE HACK: Ultrafast Spaceship Fleet Battles 8.5x11, for 2-20 players. Simple yet subtle rules for fleet-sized actions. Single-page Quick Reference Sheet. Crew quality rating system. Rules for ramming, boarding, and planet-killing lasers! Lots of optional rules to build on the basic system. 1 vol, 40 pgs"


8/3/2009 - Hyperspace Hack is now available from On Military Matters.


6/11/2009 - Hyperspace Hack, from the makers of Classical Hack will be available in early July from On Military Matters though it is listed there now.

Russ Lockwood, designer of Hyperspace Hack, posted the following on The Miniatures Page:

Overall, Hyperspace Hack makes you an admiral, not a captain, so you can bring out all those miniature ships that usually sit in the box. Nothing wrong with tracking individual turrets, torpedoes, and what not from an individual ship lke SFB or FT, but I like big games with big battles in a reasonable time. For example, had a 4-player, basic "never seen the rules before game" with about 50 ships total (dozen each, more or less) in about an hour and a half from ships out of the box to ships back into the box.

One-page Quick Reference Sheet has movement, morale, the main combat chart cross referencing firepower with target type (from Transport through AnnihilOrb), and so on. No ship diagrams filled with boxes like SFB or FT -- ships are in one of three status modes (optionally, a fourth -- hulk). Emphasis is on speed of play and simplicity. If you want a "cross off the individual box" system (like FT and SFB), HH is not for you.

Crew quality levels and multiple morale levels for task forces and armadas. Lots of optional rules (torpedo attacks, restricted fields of fire, planet-killing laser, miracle worker of an engineer, etc) that players can pick and choose for a scenario. Point values for ships for tournaments, balanced scenarios, and campaigns.

I'll be at Historicon in the dealer area to demo the system.