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Galactic Knights Rulebook CoverFrom Monday Knight Productions


Galactic Knights is the new fleet battle miniatures game from Monday Knight Productions and Dan Davidson which will use their Galactic Knights line of miniatures.


The Galactic Knights miniatures were originally sold by Superior Models as the Starfleet Wars line starting in the late 1970"s along with some very basic rules.


Monday Knight Productions also manufactures and sells felt gaming mats with space scenes on them with and without hexes.  More information on the SCN Other Products page

3/29/2012 - Some news about the Galactic Knights miniatures and rules were posted on TMP today:

- The 1 pound of metal Super Galactic Dreadnaughts are now going to be available in resin. Save on price and shipping but keep the fine detail! link

- They have re-released the Terran Space Station as a BYOSS system where you can buy each part separately link

- They have not forgotten about the Aquarians. Should have play-test ships available at Enfilade 2012 in Olympia, WA over Memorial Day Weekend.


6/8/2009 - Carnivoran Republic Star Forces, an expansion including the rules for the Carnivoran fleet is now available from Monday Knight in 2 formats, a CD ROM of the rules ($7.95) or a printed version with a comb binding ($9.95), plus a deal to get both formats for $14.95.

Plus there is some talk on the Galactic Knights Yahoo group that Monday Knight is looking at the possibility of casting the largest ships in this line, (Battlecruisers up to Super Galactic Dreadnoughts) in resin instead of metal which could result in lower prices (and a lot lighter minis).


6/26/2006 - Entomalian Invasion, fleet book 1 for Galactic Knights was released at Enfilde earlier this month.  Included are rules for all Entomalian ships, from the smallest fighter to the massive SuperGalactic Dreadnoughts, new weapons, stock ship designs, a complete ship design system, blank ship sheets (for the ships you design), and a background story on their interactions with human forces.


5/31/2005 - Galactic Knights is now available for order from Monday Knight after a successful debut at Enfilade.  The rulebook by itself is available for $20 and it include complete sections for the Terran and Avarian Fleets, a complete ship construction system and detailed rules for everything from missiles to Super Galactic Dreadnaughts.  There is the Basic Starter set with the rulebook, 6 miniatures, a 3'x3' space mat for $49.50, and a Deluxe Starter set with the rulebook, 6 miniatures, a 6'x4' space mat, and 6 d10 dice for $63.


Galactic Knights Flyer3/29/2005 - Monday Knight Productions has announced that Galactic Knights will be released Memorial Day weekend (May 27-29th) at Enfilade in Olympia, Washington.

Demo games will run all weekend at Enfilade, with all the miniatures available at the show.

The Basic game will include a 100-page rulebook, a 2" mini-hexed space mat (3' x 3'), dice, a sheet of counters, 2 reference cards, and six pewter ships (1 destroyer leader and 2 destroyers for the two forces included in the book - Terrans and Avarians).

The rules also include a 

The Galactic Knights rulebook includes over 20 ship types for the Terrans and Avarians on copyable stat sheets.  Hex-based movement using the effects of inertia.  Combat training in beam weapons, railguns, torpedoes and more. Scenarios for all skill levels.  Two different rules systems for fighters and missile combat.  Plus a complete ship design system for a wide range of ship types and levels.


3/13/2004 - Monday Knight Productions now features Build Your Own Space Station.  The Modular Space Station from the Terran Transolar Fedaration Navy has 6 different modules that can be combined in many ways.  MKP sells 4 different combinations of parts (the Light Battle Station is pictured left), but you may want a different combination of the modules, so now you can buy each of the modules individually in the quantity you want.


3/8/2003 - GeoHex has closed its doors and Monday Knight Productions has taken over certain aspects of GeoHex's business including the flet Space Mats.  The Galactic Knights line of miniatures is still in production.


8/19/2001 - All of the ships in all 5 fleets were available at GenCon and are all listed as available at Monday Knights webpage.


5/30/2001 - It seems that Monday Knight Productions is doing more than casting these minis, they now have them listed as their Galactic Knights line of starship minis and the Terran Transolar Federation Navy
Entomolian Empire Imperial Fleet minis are currently available with the other 3 fleets slated for release later this year.  A webpage is up and pictures are posted of all the currently available minis.  The minis are sold with new bases designed for this line and able to handle the massive Super Galactic Dreadnoughts plus a new fighter base holding  3 fighters along with a d6.


3/19/2001 - From The Miniatures Page, Monday Knight Productions will be casting the Starfleet Wars miniatures:

From Kieran Rohan of Monday Knight Productions:

          Monday Knight Productions recently signed a license with Bill Char, owner of, to mold his line of Starships, the ones created and sold many years ago by Superior Models. Bill bought the line and all the rights four+ years ago when the owner of Superior retired.

          We'll start our releases to distributors in June with the Terrans and Entomolians, the two major powers. We hope to have all five fleets into distribution by the end of the year.

          These are large ships - 90% of them are one-piece models. They look great, and should sell well as alternative fleets for Full Thrust. We already have three distributors interested, and GAMA is soon.


9/28/99 - These are some of my favorite miniatures and are what got me interested in starship miniatures and gaming back around 1977-78.  I had heard rumors that Superior Models had gone out of business and then saw on The Miniatures Page that ALNAVCO had bought the rights to their WWI and WWII 1/2400 and 1/1200 naval minis So I contacted Game Masters who have been distributing Superior's Starfleet Wars line of starship minis and the related MAATAC line of sci-fi armor on the web to find out the current status of these lines.  Here is what I got back:


From William Char []

          On September 9, I (Game Masters) purchased all of the copyrights, trademarks, rule books, originals, production masters, molds, and remaining inventory pertaining to the Starfleet Wars and MAATAC miniature lines from Superior Models.

          Thus, I can reproduce, re-edit, and re-release their games and gaming miniatures.  And, hopefully do it at a reduced cost to all those gaming fans out there.  Of particular interest, I can produce the few remaining models that have been out of production for the last 20 years.  These include the massive Terran StarFortress and MAATAC robotic infantry.

          I currently have everything in stock, but need some time to re-price the miniatures and reorganize my garage.