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From Oehler Board Game Productions

Galactic Conquest is a strategic game in which players become commanders of their own space fleet. Working to improve their fleet, they must conquer other players' territories on the map while protecting their own.


5/18/2008 - Galactic Conquest has a new website at 


7/18/2006 - News from Stephen Oehler:

Galactic Conquest has been revamped and simplified.  All of the expansion packs have been disintegrated and reintegrated into the GC manual and all of the game components have been erased and put into the manual as well.  I basically rewrote the book and revamped the entire website as well.  It's professional now and looks a lot prettier ; )


6/29/2005 - Since SCN's last update on Galactic Conquest, nine additional expansion packs are now available for download and the website is fully operational and now has a message board and chat room.


5/13/2005 - Galactic Conquest now has its own web page - and everything you need to play is available as downloadable files, from instructions to expansion packs. 


8/2/2004 - I have received the following information from Stephen Oehler:

Galactic Conquest, the Strategic Tabletop Space Combat Game

Using Galactic Conquest rules, players (norm is 4 per game) create, modify, and position their fleet and create unique strategies to bring the other players to their knees.

There are 3 main types of Galactic Conquest play. First, Basic Galactic Conquest provides an ample amount of ships and technologies to create a medium-sized fleet for beginners.

Secondly, for the more advanced players, Expansion packs (Approximately 19 are active) provide even more unique ways to design and modify (equipment, shields, armor, technologies, and exterior design) ships within a fleet. New weapons (15 approx), ships (30 approx), and technologies (40 approx) become available with each expansion pack you buy and research!

Lastly, Advanced Galactic Conquest puts each player even deeper into the play, as the stakes become higher! In Advanced Galactic Conquest, the players not only battle for systems within the galaxy, but for the galaxy itself! Massive games can be played at once within AGC, and up to 100 players can battle on different system maps, each taking one of the four sides of Galactic Conquest (Polaris, Veidorl, Lasros, and Forcas), in different systems within the galaxy of Anumen! Plunge yourself into the galaxy of possibilities with Galactic Conquest; the fate of the Galaxy is in your hands!

This game has been in the making for about 3 years, since early 2001. More updates and expansion packs will come as they are brainstormed. I hope you all have fun with this game; my original reason for creating this game was to make a way to exercise that "strategic" portion of the brain. Much of this game is based on strategy, creativity, and cleverness. So, if you are a beginner to strategy games, I would urge you to begin on Basic Galactic Conquest. Those of you who like a challenge, go for the expansion packs (there are a lot of interesting weapons and ships in there!). And, lastly, Galactic Conquest was meant to be an allied forces vs. allied forces. or 2 on 2. AGC really emphasizes this. I hope to have this game up and running as soon as possible.