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From Digital Alchemy



"Beams of coherent light slice through the ships hull as her captain barks out orders to his crew.  We’re not out of this yet,  all stop, bring us about and ready all forward batteries to fire on my mark...   Fire!

Firing Solution is a table top fleet level tactical space combat and campaign game where player field fleets of ships, sending them into battle against their enemies."

  • Space combat your way...  In two or three dimensions on hex grids or measured using any flat playing surface, all without complicated rules or math.

  • Easily field fleets of ships in battle using any of the 30+ included ships or quickly design your own using the included construction rules.

  • Damage types and defenses use a rock / paper / scissors approach with each damage type having an appropriate defense.  Empires may specialize in particular technologies but single vessel excels at everything.

  • Tactical Data Link squadrons, Escorts, other special equipment and ship orders add considerable depth to fleet tactics.

  • Command an empire in its struggle for galactic dominance with the included campaign system based on colony control and infrastructure.

  • The combination of ship elevation and roll status with directional defenses, individual weapon firing arcs and dorsal, ventral or spinal mounting options bring 3D battlefields to life without vectors or other complex math.

  • Enhance weapons by adding various weapon effects such as barrage, slow arming or spinal mount to alter their capabilities.

  • Unique damage system scales the severity of each weapon attack allowing larger vessels to dispatch small ships more easily while smaller vessels need to wear down larger targets  with repeated strikes.

  • Use one of the four included Empires or create your own using a simple system allowing the creation of empires tailored to your favorite setting.

  • And Much More.

6/30/2007 - Digital Alchemy's website indicates that Firing Solution is back from the printers, looks great, and is now available from your local game store or from their online store.


6/14/2007 - Digital Alchemy has added info on Firing Solution including a preview of the rules including the table of contents and sample ship sheets (here) and a new list of highlights:

* Space combat your way... In two or three dimensions on hex grids or measured using any flat playing surface.
* Easily field fleets of custom designed ships and small craft without getting bogged down by complicated rules.
* Take command of an empire in its struggle for galactic dominance with the included campaign system.
* Engage in battle using any of the 30+ included ship designs or quickly design your own using the included design rules.
* Firing arcs, weapon mounts and directional defenses bring realism to space combat without using complicated math.
* A variety of damage types, defenses, weapon effects and special equipment provide a multitude of tactical possibilities.
* And Much More.


5/22/2007 - Firing Solution is a new fleet level tactical space combat miniatures game will be shipping to distributors in June.  It is a rules lite system... without complicated math that squeezes a lot of functionality into a small package including 2D/3D movement.  

Format: Perfect Bound Book (also available as PDF)
Full color cover, b/w interior with lots of art.
Price: $14.95 ($9.95 PDF)
Release: June 07

Here are a few pre-announcement details...

- Single roll (per weapon battery) attack and damage resolution where a weapons size and accuracy of hit determine damage... basically smaller ships can wear a capital ship down with repeated strikes... but a capital ship may take out small ships in a single shot in some cases.

- Tactical Data Link Squadrons of ships can work together to help even the odds against larger vessels.

- Plays equally well on a hex grid or measured playing surface in two or three dimensions.

- Weapons have Firing Arcs and Dorsal / Ventral mounts if playing in a 3d battlefield and can be custom designed by adding weapon effects.

- On 3d battlefields ships can roll and change elevation to bring their weapons to bear while attempting to out maneuver their opponents.

- All ships use a unified balanced ship construction system.

- Add special equipment such as hanger bays, tactical data link, escort suite etc. to tailor your ships for their roles in a fleet.

- A rock / paper / scissors approach to damage types and defenses. For example shields defend against energy weapons while Point Defense defend against guided weapons and small craft.

- Simple balanced empire creation lets you create races tailored to whatever setting you prefer to play in... or use the included empires.

- Small Craft (starfighters, mech squads and gunships) carried by larger ships provide projection of firepower in a simple balanced manner.

- Campaign system based on colony control and facilities built on them.

- Terrain (asteroid fields, planets, stars, etc) and a explanation in the setting of how FTL travel works and when and why it doesnt... allow lots of opportunity for convoy raiding etc.