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From Vizor Publishing

"Designed to easily control 15-20 capital ships a side (which can be 4-5 squadrons), while concentrating on squadron level tactics, Firepower Pass uses a unique command oriented system that allows units to attack as individual ships (i.e. at a tactical level) yet defend and maneuver in 3D as squadrons. Octagonal 3D movement tiles easily and elegantly depict the 2D vector of 3D movement."


10/4/2009 - Ship to Ship, an introductory level board game in the Firepower Pass universe is in the works.


6/14/2007 - Vizor Publishing announces version 2.1 upgrade for Firepower Pass, and the publishing of the Deluxe Hardcopy version 2.1 with all the pdfs printed out, 257 pages in total (available on via the website below).

If you bought version 1.0 or 2.0 of Firepower Pass you are entitled to a FREE download of the NEW VERSION! Simply email your request for your free upgrade to and you will receive a download link in response.


1/24/2007 - A number of freebies have been added to the Firepower Pass website including several scenarios and a Cyberboard Gambebox.  Also available are a sample of how combat works in the this game.  The Deluxe Hardcopy version of Firepower Pass is close to completion and will be available soon.


11/18/2006 - Now available from Vizor Publishing is Firepower Pass, a 3D squadron-level game of starship combat.  It is available as a downloadable PDF file directly from Vizor Publishing or through RPGnow.  In addition a hardcopy version is available from their website with a Deluxe hardcopy version is due in December.

Miniatures are planned for mid 2007 with designs by Charles Oines who is the author of Voidstriker and has done the 3D ship design work for Voidstriker, Attack Vector: Tactical, and Saganami Island Tactical Simulator.

Firepower Pass has the following features:

* Individual capital ships; the capabilities of the capital ships are expanded by attaching LAC wings and escort groups for use in point defense or for launching independent strikes
* Individualized damage location tables right on each ship log
* Twenty(20) minute turns, but a side may hold the initiative for a variable number of turns (called an initiative impulse).
* Streamlined Formation displays reflecting the current Combat Commitment Level of the Squadron: a combination of staff pre-planning, tactical intelligence and analysis of that intelligence.
* Emphasis on prioritizing command resources during a turn
* Electronic Warfare influences every attack and defense
* Detection, Targeting Solutions (nick-named "Lock-ons") and Sensor Ghosts
* Rules for the influence of combat commanders on ship and squadron operations
* Gunnery and faster-than-light missile combat, LAC wings, escort groups, interdiction of missile strikes, boarding actions, and more!