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From GhazPORK Industrial


From the Dying Lights home page:

"Dying Lights provides the strategic depth and variety of combat styles that every wargamer craves without requiring the hugely complex rules of other space wargames. The rules are simple enough to never require reference to a book, but complex enough that a good player can always beat a bigger fleet.

A singe Dying Lights set has enough cards to let you play around a table with your friends straight out of the box, or build a custom, streamlined combat deck for tournament play.

And the best news yet for those of you on a budget: a single Dying Lights box comes with at least one copy of every card in the basic set. You can customize your fleets and combat decks to your playing style without spending a fortune. It's the cheapest customizable card game you'll ever play."

"Dying Lights is a game of fleet combat and survival for 2-6 players. Included are all the cards needed to play, along with a manual that contains rules, storyline info, and tutorials on basic combat strategy. The basic set contains 9 factions and enough cards for up to 6 players."

"In addition to the basic set, players will need game tokens of some sort and at least one 6-sided die."

"Differing not by race, creed or government, the survivors of the galaxy are split instead by circumstance and by how they choose to stay alive. Their abilities reflect no advanced technologies or innate powers, but rather what they are willing to do to ensure their continued existence. From the overwhelming military might of the Coreguard to the subtle machinations of the Order of Hantelle, each faction brings different resources and different powers to the table."

"The galaxy is a ghostly shadow, and entire sectors of space are controlled by tiny fleets of ships. Controlling the resources of these sectors can increase your military power, but beware--military strength cannot stop the bleeding of your spirit, a fleet of starships mean nothing if you are dead."
"The vast armadas of the past have given way to small battlegroups of ships which duel each other across the vast, empty reaches of the galaxy. Control and organization of your battlegroups is simple, but has a profound effect on battle. Use your resources well, and you can defeat a much more powerful foe. Those who expect huge numbers of gigantic starships to win the battle for them will be in for a rude surprise."

Full rules are available online as a large pdf file here

Also available online is a full game play tutorial with images of the cards in play


10/20/2004 - Dying Lights is available as a downloadable PDF from making it even easier to get this game.


2/6/2004 - Mark Argyle from GhazPORK Industrial announces:

The price of Dying Lights has been dropped to $9.95.  As such, it's a much easier purchase on the pocketbook, and a much better value for the discerning gamer.  (220 cards for $9.95 makes it cheaper than any other CCG I know of.)  It's available for purchase directly from our website at

11/17/2003 - GhazPORK announces the first ever Dying Lights storyline campaign: 'Battle for Satheias':

Here's your chance to directly influence the fate of the Dying Lights universe. In this player-driven campaign, the outcome of the storyline will be determined by the in-game actions of players just like you. How? By sending in reports of your games, of course.

More information is available here.


4/18/2003 - Thanks to Hundvig who let me know about this new game which according to their website is in stores now or it is available directly from GhazPORK Industrial.  It seems that Dying Lights has a unique background along with a metaphysical storyline.  Then the game play is a bit different with its usage of Psi Energy.  The web support is very good with rules, a tutorial, and a forum all available online.