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From Fox Games


"Dog Fight: Starship Edition, offered by Fox Games, involves strategy and tactics but it is not your typical board or card game. Like in other CCGs, Dog Fight: Starship Edition features a customizable card deck for each player. But it also utilizes a board on which movement occurs. This hybrid construct creates fascinating possibilities for strategy and tactics in combat.  

This customizable sci-fi tactical/strategy game is as much about moving on the board as it is the cards you choose. You have simple actions to choose from and without the need of an RPG scoresheet you can manage your crew, your weapons, movement and your ship's special abilities. Chain Attack and Intervene cards for massive combos! Use speed to outmaneuver your enemies. Use cunning and trickery. With 32 cards in each starter deck, choose your ship and chase down your opponents. To win this sci-fi war game you must stay alive while all other space ships are destroyed.

Unlike most customizable card games, in Dog Fight: Starship Edition each player controls only one ship, not a fleet of ships or horde of monsters. For 2 or more players, or as many as you can fit around the table.

Dog Fight: Starship Edition is released in the form of 2 Core Sets and Expansion sets on the way. Core Sets supply 3 decks, serving as a 3-player starter set. Expansions provide new cards, new maps, campaign missions, and more."

2/6/2012 - Currently available for Dog Fight: Starship Edition are Core Set 1: Heavy Ships, Core Set 2: Light Ships and Bright Edge Expansion Set.  These are sets of cards and more coming from The Game Crafter print on demand game site.

The core sets include 3 decks of cards, counters, dice, rules, mats and more.  The expansion set includes 108 cards, rules, counters, mats and 2 campaigns.

Also available is the printed Dog Fight Amplified rule book through Lulu along with an ebook pdf version of the game with everything you need to print out the rules and the cards.

Videos, tutorials, downloads, listings and a whole lot more are available at Dog Fight site