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Diceland Homepage:


From Cheapass Game's webpage:

Diceland: Space is a 50-die expansion for Diceland, which comes in two different 25-die boxes. The set introduces new abilities like Cloak, Remove, Dodge, and more, and gives players their first chance to construct customized Diceland armies. Each box contains two major armies, one smaller one, and a strange and wonderful 25th die.


Full rules for Diceland: Space are available at: 


7/31/2003 - Extra Space is now available, at GenCon it was available, they had just assembled the product that morning so it could be sold.  Also of note, the ships in Extra Space are the ones from another Cheapass product, LightSpeed.


7/15/2003 - Listed in the July issue of Game Trade for an August release is Diceland Extra Space:

This expansion for Diceland features eight dice representing new spaceships.  The package contains two 25-point armies and requires a copy of Diceland rules to play.

Also according to the Cheapass Games website, If you were at the Origins convention earlier this month, you got a bonus Diceland: Space die in your bag of goodies.  Anyone got an extra one for Star Ranger?


5/23/2003 - According to the Cheapass Games website, the 2 Diceland: Space sets are now shipping and retailers should have them soon.  The 2 sets that have been released are, Space: Terrans vs. Urluquai and Space: Garthans vs. Muktians.  They feature new army construction rules, a host of new powers, and exceptional artwork from the computer game Strange Adventures in Infinite Space.

Space: Terrans vs. Urluquai includes an 11-die Terran army, featuring a fast-moving wing of Scouts and a powerful 15-point Destroyer; the 8-die Urluquai army including both a Corvette and a Fighter with the Cloaking ability; and the 5-die Zorg army, with a fat carrier and a unique Tender which can teleport enemies off the board. Also in the Terrans vs. Urluquai box, youíll find the friendly Klackar Frigate, an impressive 16-point frigate thatís a perfect addition to any army that can afford him.

Space: Garthans vs. Muktians includes an 11-die Garthan army, featuring both the Light and Super Carriers as well as a vast array of small Fighters; the 8-die Muktian army featuring a mix of unusual ship designs; and the 5-die Tan Ru army, featuring a powerhouse 15-point Decimator and a wing of three mindless Drones. Also in the Garthans vs. Muktians box, youíll find the 50-point Yellow Kawangi die, a bizarre and powerful die thatís sure to be illegal in tournaments any day now.


1/19/2003 - The January issue of Game Trade has Diceland: Infinite Space listed as a March release but in Cheapass Games January Press Release "More of the Same Program" with a "Year in Space" theme.  In addition to the Light Speed real time game, it mentions:

"In March 2003 look for Diceland: Infinite Space. Two expansions for Diceland featuring spaceships from the computer game Strange Adventures in Infinite Space, Cheapass' award-nominated computer game. Nearly 50 new dice in 2 new boxes can't conceal the fact that this is, like the original Diceland: Deep White Sea, just another innovative tabletop combat game featuring unique rules and colorful paper dice."


10/11/2002 - Pushed back again.  The latest info on the Cheapass Games Coming Soon page says:

The next Diceland expansion, "Infinite Space," features ships from our great new computer game, Strange Adventures in Infinite Space, and we hope it will ship in the first quarter of 2003.


9/7/2002 - Cheepass Games has reduced staff and as a result some products will be delayed.  Specifically Diceland: Infinite Space should now be out in November or December


7/24/2002 - I found a better preview of Diceland: Infinite Space on Cheepass's website:

"The first official expansion for Diceland is set in the world of our new computer game, Strange Adventures in Infinite Space. Four armies of spaceships from the Diceland universe, including the Muktians, the Garthans, the Terrans, and the Urluquai, plus one extra die (the Klackar) make Diceland: Infinite Space a complete stand-alone Diceland set. In addition, the dice are completely balanced (though thematically jarring) with the characters in Dicleand: Deep White Sea. Diceland: Infinite Space will also contain rules for combining armies and building your own crews, and several new abilities including Cloaking! Coming in September 2002, 25 dice for $15."


7/16/2002 - Diceland is a tabletop combat game that uses paper dice as the characters. The dice are eight-sided, printed in full color, and about 2 inches to a side. Each die is pre-cut and scored, and assembles with just tabs and slots. The "paper" in these paper dice is 12-point coated cardstock, which makes these dice solid enough to withstand any amount of normal play.

Due out in September is the 2nd expansion, Infinite Space, which takes the game into space includes four new armies of spaceships from the Cheapass computer game Strange Adventures in Infinite Space as well as new combat and construction rules.