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From Youngdale Productions


Astral Conflict is a quick and simple set of space combat rules for miniatures.  "These quick play, skirmish-style rules allow you to custom build your ship and set out for galactic conquest. Rules for asteroids, planets, probes, space stations, and boarding included." 

The first supplement, For a Fistful of Fusion is also available: "Included in this supplement are three scenarios and a small map of the Sirus System. Also covered is suns, solar flares, frigates, escape pods, and space mines. Optional rules for crew experience and rewards will have you keeping track of that win-loss record. And a framework for playing Astral Conflict double-blind is thrown in."

Astral Conflict is available as a PDF file from with a list price of $2.99 and For a Fistful of Fusion lists for $1.99, but they may be on sale for less.


10/15/2006 - Astral Conflict 2.0 is now available.  Version 2.0 of these rules updates 1.0 and incorporates all the material from the two supplements.  It is available in printed form directly from Youngdale Productions or as a 26 page pdf file from RPGnow, WargamingOnline, and Wargame Downloads.


2/9/2006 - The second supplement for Astral Conflict, Capital Ships, is now available....for $1 as a download from RPGnow and WargamingOnline.

You asked for the big guns so you got them! This supplement for Astral Conflict focuses on Capital Ships and all the lovely destructive capabilities they possess. If you plan on playing a game of Astral Conflict with just Capital Class vessels, this book is all you need because Combat is re-iterated. Or incorporate a Capital Class starship into your next game with the Fighters covered in Astral Conflict main rules. Also in this supplement is the following:

1) Creating a Capital Class Starship
2) Hull Types, Weapon/Targeting Systems, and Engine Types for Capital Class vessels
3) Boarding Parties
4) Commanders
5) Attacking and Destroying Planets
6) Master Engineers
7) Updated Custom Weapon Systems Table
8) Fighter starship Matrix 1 and 2

Page Count = 10
Supplement Two is written in an easier to read two-column format.


11/15/2003 - A second supplement is in development and miniatures are planned though sculptors are needed.  Contact Jason Youngdale if you can help.