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From Arkayn Game Designs


"Astra Imperia is a tabletop wargame. Expand and explore space around you. Exploit worlds and exterminate your enemies. Rules include tactical combat, including ship building and strategic empire building."

2/25/2012 - Astra Imperia is available as a pdf from RPGNow or as a printed book throuhg Lulu.


10/3/2009 - There is little information about Astra Imperia on the Arkayn Game Designs page above, but AI is listed on as a 106 page book for sale at $19.95.


1/12/2006 - I've gotten information about Astra Imperia from the designer, Eric Luken:

Astra Imperia is a 4X simulation. It allows you to simulate the clash of a pirate attacking a merchant convoy, to the attacks of fleets in the depths of space. Astra Imperia grew out of my dissatisfaction with other games in the genre, and slowly developed over the last four years. The official history of the universe gives a diaspora of nationalities that spread into space over the next 300 years. Along the way, a couple of alien races are encountered. The major polities are human-based though. Campaign rules allow players to create and guide their own interstellar empires to greatness or collapse into ruin on the ashes of history.

An average game (2-3 ships per side) lasts around 2 to 3 hours, depending on the tactical ability of the players. A typical battle would involve closing to sensor ranges to be able to determine who your foe is and gaining targeting locks on him. Then a "dance" as both parties attempt to maneuver the other into their ranges and arcs, while staying out of their opponent's. And finally the clash as weapons and ships bludgeon each other with weapons and missiles.

It is a hex/counter game, though I've been using minis from Brigade Models for demos and such. I have been looking into having custom minis sculpted and created, but that is for the future.

As for the future of Astra Imperia, I am looking at an rpg set in the Astra Imperia universe, and possibly a periodical. Of course, as the official Terran Confederation expands, who knows what they will find lurking in the depths between stars.

Eric is aiming for a first quarter of 2006 release.  A Lite version of the rules is currently available on their website.