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From Second Rat Games


"Explosive Spaceship Combat in an Expanding Universe."


"Arclight is a fast playing spaceship combat game. This new release from Second Rat Games captures all the fury and chaos that dogfighting in space promises. With a one roll resolution system, an evolving setting, and the ability to add your own empire to the official universe, Arclight promises to be an excellent addition to any fighter jocks collection. Everyone wants to blow stuff up, and Arclight satisfies in style.

Everything you need to control the ship is on one page and everything to damage it is on another."


6/6/2006 - Second Rat has released their first supplement to Arclight. Close Encounters in Nearspace is now available from as a 39 page download for $5.  Included in this supplement are the history and rules for the Karu Reef - a large semi-sentient biomass, two reef-dwelling creatures, four space-dwelling creatures, a new faction the mysterious Barakun, the mighty Barakun Tabor Shields, six new ships from the Barakun fleet, the brand new slider for every faction in the game.


9/10/2005 - Some word on future releases for Arclight:

This year we will release a book of space creatures and the second book will probably focus on stealth and sensor technology.


7/17/2004 - Rules to create your own faction and their ships are now available online at the Second Rat Games website.  Erik Dewey of Second Rat says. "Players can now create their own factions that are balanced with other factions and help to create the dynamic universe."


6/29/2004 - Second Rat Games is back from Origins and has released Arclight to the general public.  You can order directly from Second Rat and get the 70 page rule book along with a CD containing the electronic version for $20.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling or get the CD alone from Second Rat for $13.00 (plus $4.00 s&h).

Another option is to download the rulebook after purchase from for $13.00.


6/19/2004 - I received the following information from Erik Dewey of Second Rat Games:

Second Rat Games proudly announces the release of their first game, Arclight: Explosive Space Combat, at the 2004 Origins Game Fair.

Arclight is a fast playing spaceship combat miniatures system featuring a one-roll resolution, an evolving setting, and the ability to add your own empire to the universe. The system is scalable allowing for both
large and small battles, from fighters to giant world-sized ships. Another exciting feature is the variable damage system, keeping players in suspense with each attack. Everyone wants to blow stuff up, and
Arclight satisfies in style.

The most exciting thing about Arclight is its constantly evolving nature. Fans can create their own factions and submit them to each other and to Second Rat Games for a possible addition to the "official" Arclight universe.

Arclight is available in either a printed or an electronic format. Both contain the exact same information, with the printed version containing a CD of the electronic version.

Be sure to visit Second Rat Games at booth #515 at Origins or sign up to play in one of the many events held during the convention.

Second Rat Games was founded by Erik A. Dewey and Donald G. Dennis to satisfy that creative itch, practice all those neat things Erik learned while getting an MBA, and allow Donald to go to conventions and see old friends. Heck everyone likes Don.

For more information either visit the Second Rat Games website at or email
Erik Dewey
Second Rat Games
"The second rat gets the cheese"


Basic rules are available online from Second Rat's website: 

When you look at the rules you may notice some similarities to Silent Death, probably because both Erik Dewey and Donald Dennis have been involved it the development of Silent Death.