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Alpha Strike BoxFrom Digital Alchemy


"Alpha Strike is a fast paced card game of tactical combat in deep space. Players take on the role of starship captains, managing power levels to keep their ship combat ready while utilizing their ship's capabilities to defend themselves and unleash devastating attacks upon their opponents.

Alpha Strike comes complete with everything needed to play including starship control panels, a Combat Deck, Markers, and rules for two player duels and multi-player battles."


8/15/2006 - Dan from Digital Alchemy says Alpha Strike has been released, shipped to distributors and is now available via their website plus a PDF edition is available through  It was also available at GenCon where they ran demos throughout the convention.


Alpha Strike Spinal Laser Attack card7/11/2006 - The rules for Alpha Strike have been posted on Digital Alchemy's website along with pictures of some sample cards and a pdf of a ship panel.


6/26/2006 - Dan from Digital Alchemy gives me this additional information about Alpha Strike:

Alpha Strike will be shipping mid/late July and will be available via distribution and from our site. The website artwork was refreshed yesterday with sample cards and rules to follow in the next couple weeks. Its a non-collectible card game with each player controlling a single warship. Players manage shield, engine, and weapon power levels to keep their ship space worthy while mounting an offense against their opponents. Alpha Strike is playable by 2 or more players, with 4 ship panels included in the box. Those wishing to play with more players will be able to download printable ship panels from our website. All cards include full color artwork depicting the action the card represents.


6/6/2006 - Alpha Strike is listed on their website and in Game Trade magazine as a July 2006 release.  More info when it becomes available.